Would it be possible to make Gnome similar to that of OpenBox?

I'm sick of Cinnamon, sick of Gnome, sick of KDE, (INSERT DE HERE), and I'm bored. I want to somehow port Gnome to be nearly minimalist as OpenBox. Allow me a moment to explain why as you may be confused as to what I wish to accomplish in the first place:

X11 is getting old. Cinnamon is the best implementation of X11 that I've used so far but text looks better in Wayland by a mile; especially for someone who requires extensive magnification (I'll get to this later).

GTK themes are plentiful. Anyone can make Gnome itself look however they want it to, but overall apart from theming Gnome offers no real customization.

Gnome, despite its benefits, is not very functional. OpenBox is way more nimble and just feels out of the way. If I could use it, I would (I'll get to this in a second). Transparency is what every user wants and how can they have it with a gargantuan overview that essentially pulls them from their workflow?

I hate to sound greedy, but in all honesty I'm lacking eyesight. Whilst everyone with swell vision has a multitude of DEs to choose from, I ultimately have four (XFCE, Gnome, Cinnamon, and KDE) and those four arn't doing it for me. I can't stand the bloat anymore; it gets in my way.

If a person or two were willing to help me with this, I would be more than grateful. Who knows, maybe this will become a popular DE if it is possible and if I can get any help. If it is possible I promise to release the source and a README for anyone wanting to try it out. Thanks all. I hope we can get something going here.

EDIT: I guess I should have said Mutter or Muffin, not Gnome =)

You could try the enlightenment window manager

Does it have a magnifier like the one in Gnome and is it as configurable as OpenBox (or close to)? Thanks for the recommendation.