Would it be possible, hypothetically speaking

For legal reasons, this is all hypothetical, but...

If Microsoft refuses to port anything past Halo 2 to PC, and yes I know of the rumors and denials by Microsoft, could we port Halo 3 & 4 ourselves?

I am not talking about emulation. I know that when people on the internet get together they are capable of amazing things, so is there any reason to believe that this couldn’t happen?

I understand that Microsoft is worried that sales of the Xbox version would go down, but what if you could only get this port if you owned an Xbox copy of the game? The people who make the port could set up a kind of DRM server that would register the copy of the actual Xbox game and then you could download the port. Microsoft would get their money and the PC community who wants those Halo titles would be happy to get them.

So, what would it take to do this, hypothetically?

And would anyone be interested if this did happen?

Not unless someone leaks the source... Even then we are talking months of dev time with a large group of people. 

Here's a few things for you though.

Why not just emulate it? It will save a hell of a lot of time.

Why would you want to? Halo is decent and all but after Halo 3 everything went downhill. Bigtime. Bungie's next project, Destiny I think will be what Halo should've been alike after number three.

cause the xbox 360 uses 3 core ibm power pc cpu on RISK code based archtechiture, that very efficiently runs 2 threads per core.... any idea how long that will take to emulate well on current hardware... too long