Would IPS benefit me?

I have been using a 120hz TN panel for about 1.5-2 years for gaming and general use. I am wanting to get a new monitor for an editing rig and I have heard that IPS has better color. That sounds nice but I am color blind, would I gain anything from the IPS besides the viewing angle or should I just buy another really good TN panel? My knowledge of displays are limited so I thought I would ask here.

Other than viewing angles and color accuracy, IPS doesn't really have any practical advantages over other panel types.  So if color isn't a priority (because of your color blindness) and viewing angles aren't important, then there's no real reason to go with an IPS over a high quality TN.

The best thing you can do is go to a store and look at a bunch of monitors.  Dont worry about what type they are - just make a note of the 3 best looking ones and then check their type, refresh rate etc.

If you are able to, take a laptop and cable and ask if you can plug your laptop in and play a few video files and whatnot and make sure you are happy with the panel before buying.

That seems like a good idea actually. It will feel a bit weird taking my massive laptop into a BestBuy but meh oh well #yolo right? But I may just do that.

Well after following Vandal's advice I took my laptop to a local computer store I found that is a lot better than BestBuy! (then again that isn't to hard) I found a great monitor there that was actually a used model. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824014376 A BenQ 144hz TN panel and it seems very nice. I actually will be using it to replace my current 120hz monitor on my gaming rig and using the 120hz on my editing machine. :D Because it is used it has a 2 year local warranty in case it breaks. 

Editing = Color Accuracy Needed = IPS

Gaming = Color Accuracy not Needed = TN

Well, that's a good TN panel.  Not IPS, but if you're satisfied with the color, then go for it.

if your doing strictly timeline editing and not editing for pro printing get something with nice dot pitch below .25 for clarity and lower refresh rate for gaming. I use a 25" for editing, generic 20" for viewing, and a 22" for tools. There are color blind graphic designers out there so dont let that prevent you from expressing yourself. I think it will give your designs some originality if you stick with the palette that suits your vision. They also use color blind designers to design things for the color blind. Its alot more common than people know.

this might be inspirational