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Would I see a gaming performance with Ryzen


I see massive gains in old direct x. The new ? Shit show


I do not know if it a transition from 1080 to higher res or not?


I don’t know if the H61M supports CPU P-state overclocking (essentially setting higher turbo boost).

But it might be somewhere. It’s not really a mainboard dependent feature, some 3rd generation intel CPU laptops with the H67 chipset can even be boost OC’d.

So have a look through the BIOS menu’s. Also do a BIOS update if your’s is old.

But do keep in mind that even if you can overclock, the H61M platform is rather power limited due to it’s basic VRM implementation.


I’ll check the BIOS but I’ve never overclocked a CPU before and this sounds like a risky place to start.


Post some screenshots here of anything interesting you find.
If there is something there, you should have some setting labeled something like ‘max-boost/turbo/p-state’ with a value of 36.


Ok will do, thanks


I would have suggested that too, but you’re having a non-k processor so it might be really hard, impossible or pointless.

If you wanna go that route do some research on how to do it on non-k ivy bridge cpus before, as changing some frequenzies on non-overclocking intel cpus will change other things with it, like pcie bus speeds and just strange things that should remain like they are or things dont work properly, dont get recognized, or worstcase die.


I mean yes and no? If you were doing games like Quake Champions where its literally only run on the GPU, no probably not. But if it were something more along the lines of Dirt Rally where its 50/50, yes. Significantly. I don’t really have better examples to offer past that though…

Where Ryzen kicks ass is in workloads. If you’re cranking stuff out of a video editor all the time or doing general compute tasks. You could see a running-system improvement, or you might not. The biggest bonus for you, I think, will be DDR4. Buuuut I dunno how much that’ll help overall, as well as it being overpriced to all hell.


Base clock is on 32x multiplier but there’s the option to go to 36. And as you can see there is Intel turbo boost but I doubt it would be of any use with my configuration, especially since its a non-k part


Enable Intel Turbo Boost.
This is a feature even for Non-K parts.

Without it your system will be stuck running at base clocks!

This is a primary reason why your system may have been slow.

Your i5-3470’s Base clock is 3.2Ghz and Boost is 3.6GHz.


I’ve had the CPU for like 2-3 years and never once changed that, I’m embarrassed to say that. I’m hoping this is the reason why I’ve had sub par performance on 1080p. Its a good thing I enquired, I just never thought to check the bios options out considering I had a non k part. Should I change the multiplier to 36 or try out turbo boost enabled only, in the meantime?

Edit: I should be posted on tech cringe haha


Get yourself CPU-Z.
Run a bench and see what the clock speed gets up to.
Do this for Turbo Disabled and then again for Turbo Enabled.


Thanks, I’ll definitely try that but it’ll have to be tomorrow as I’m doing some overtime at work this week.


I don’t think you’d see a massive performance improvement today (in terms of maximum or even average FPS), but i do think your minimum frame rates would improve as the CPU won’t get swamped in the background by background processes as much.

4 threads is the minimum for gaming these days and more already helps with 1% lows. And really, the lows are what give you the shits (when the software stalls). So much focus is spent on the max or average frame rate numbers, but what drives you nuts is the minimums.

Ryzen would however set you up for software coming in the next couple of years which definitely WILL benefit from more cores.


This right here man, its was the only gripe I had when getting into PC gaming. I have to have a constant 60 fps (of course its not going to be the case all the time) because like you said, when you get a few drops its just so easy to tell and it breaks my focus from the game. I’ll test a few games out to see if there is an improvement.


I run a 1700 and an RX 480 and Skyrim plays fine [email protected] As too AMD, Intel well weigh up the costs etc. I would only buy a 6c12t or better myself.

I only really research when I am buying myself but from what I have gleaned on tech news is AMD is launching Zen+ and new MB’s this week. Intel will be doing the same later this year and most likely a new MB.

So if your leaning to intel and can wait it might be better to jump on the next CPU platform they release. Still come down to price / performance I guess.

I could be wrong as I said I only look when buying myself usually. Hopefully people can correct me if needed.


I could stick with the current gen and get a good deal when zen+ comes out as I don’t plan on upgrading my monitor anytime soon.


Minor improvement with turbo (1-2fps) however there is light flickering in ‘thief’ unfortunately. CPU and GPU usage are not going above 70% so I’m not sure.

Edit: Also testing skyrim my cpu usage rarely goes over 35% and gpu is constantly at 100%