Would I be ok or close to bottle necking?

I ordered a GTX 980 Ti Hybrid, and was curious for gaming at 1440P as high FPS as possible if the Xeon 1231 V3 would hold up?

Would it be ok for a while, or just a "little" but longer? I wouldn't want to have to upgrade in e relatively short time, so rather spend a little more "if necessary" now up front and be good for a longer period of time?

4790K worth it over the Xeon in this case?

To me skylake is not worth the jump right now, and I wouldn't want the early cost of admission while bugs get worked out.

Thanks for your help.

It'll probably be fine until kaby lake shows up

So what do you have now? I mean with the exception of the cost of new ram, I don't understand why you would get the older platform, and 5820K is not much more if you consider MOBO quality..

Do you even need hyper-threading? And no... I doubt you will be 'bottlenecked' with any such CPU with a single graphics card, at that resoloution....

Not sure where you live, but my CPU and MOBO cost as much as an i7 by itself. Plus the Xeon does not require an aftermarket cooling solution so it's a substantial savings.

Skylake did not seem worth it to me for the cost of admission, and if you look back at Haswell they had to do a refresh because of issues that arose. I never like to be an adapter of early tech due to those reasons and higher costs.

I would get a 5820K and go X99 before even giving Skylake a thought myself, as both os those options would be in the same ballpark pricewise.

I really don't see how my Xeon setup is "close" in any way price wise to a Skylake or X99 setup. But if someone wants to enlighten me I am all ears.

My CPU was $240
My RAM as @ $80 (16GB)
My MOBO was $149 ( I splured for an MSI Gaming 7 because I caught it on sale and came with modern updates such as USB 3.1 and the like)

Just get yourself the xeon if you dont plan on overclocking. I have an addiction to pushing things to the limit so I got a k part so I could oc. No bottle necking... just no.