Would i be able to use a AMD FX-8350

currently running a phenom II x4 965 with a 6870, which should i upgrade first?

heres my mobo http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157305

heres my psu http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817194102

im using a corsair h60 water cooler as well

yes you would be able to run a 8350, just update your bios.

so do you think i should upgrade my GPU or my cpu first? and which would be better to upgrade for streaming?

Depends on what games you´re playing. It looks like a gaming build to me. From benchmarks it looks like the 8350 is much more potent than the 965. The GPU is fine imo.

I´ve seen the 8350 achieve much higher framerates than the 965 in several games. Is that 6870 a 1 Gb or 2 Gb version? Are you playing on 1080p or higher?

Agreed, cpu is the one to change....

yep its a gaming pc and im playing games like BF3 and Dayz Gw2 Warz, and this is the 6870 is the 1gb http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161396   Aso i play at 1920 x 1080, because thats what my monitor is

Hmm, don´t games like BF3 and DayZ require at least 1,4 - 1,5 Gb for such high resolutions, especially when you´re maxing them out?

Also I´ve heard from trainergames that he´s running an FX 8150. He said that he experienced bad performance in Arma 2. So if Arma 2 isnt performing well then DayZ wont do better because appearantly its not well optimized.

Also I have talked to a community moderator from EA and asked about how many cores BF3 supports. He said that its optimized for 4 cores but can utilize as many as your CPU can deliver. So if youre using an Octa Core CPU BF3 will, more or less, use its full potential.

If I had to choose I would buy an FX 8320 which is clocked at 3,5 GHz, then use set affinity with the task manager for games like DayZ by selecting the game thats running and choosing to set affinity. Then select CPU 0, CPU 2, CPU 4, CPU 6 for to run that game. All other cores will most likely go idle unless you have sound and or ethernet onboard which would also use your CPU to run.

Why setting affinity for games? Well, its because with the above mentioned configuration those cores wont have to share resources UNLESS youre their neighbouring cores are being utilized for some other task.

To be honest with you, those Bulldozer and Pildriver CPUs arent specifically designed for gaming althoug theyve got lvl 3 cache and loads of cores.

cant speak for Dayz but BF3 can be maxed out with acceptable frame rates by my 5870 1 gb and almost maxed out by my gtx 560 1 gb at 1900 x 1200

I find that really hard to believe. 

i get 24 frames on BF3 maxed at 1920 while fraps or xsplit is running with my 6870 but it looks like scheiße. (shit for all you who dont speak german)

Firstly, BF3 isnt CPU intensive. Secondly Max out your GPU untill you bottleneck badly. Finally upgrade your CPU to a beasty 8350.

but the question is do i need a cpu to stream better or a better gpu?

du musst sowohl 

one at a time

then the cpu


mein deutch ist auch so-la-la, zwei und win halb jahre auf deutschclassen

i was thinking cpu first

lebte ich in Deutschland für eine Weile so i einige wissen 

 5870 is faster than a 6870 and i wasn't running fraps..so beleave it ..I tested with msi afterburner and it never went below 30 on single player campaign also my 5870 is oveclocked to 900 mhz

I am German and I am confused. Anyways, I agree with F8AL. Max your GPU until your CPU starts bottlenecking. Then upgrade your CPU. <.< Pretty easy.

something to note, dayz/arma2 are very hdd bound, not just cpu or gpu bound, its best to run the game off either a very fast ssd or ramdrive, OR do what I do, grab fancycache and give your games drive a nice large cache so it can cache the files to ram rather then stream them direct from hdd. 

also, doing what you suggest for affinity dosnt help any in my testing, I have both an 8120 and 8350, its honestly not needed, what is needed really tho, is to disable core parking, the 2nd thing that can help is process lasso, but, dont leave it running if your gonna stress test, it will make the system  so you cant use the mouse worth a damn....

if you google "Arma 2 ram drive" you will find alot of info on getting arma2 to run better.....the games one of the worst i have seen for not making proper use of system ram....

Oh and you may as well get an 8350 if your gonna get one, the price is so close to the 8320 its kinda silly not to get the better binned chip.

the 8300 is an OC beast tho by most reports(i got a buddy who has 4 of them in his test lab...all of them hit 5ghz stable in various boards with air cooling......), if your an overclocker thats the chip to target first. 

anybody reading this, the first thing you should try if you have and 8120 or 8150 is a nice 4.5+ghz overclock, it makes a world of differance, I say this as a guy whos got 2 sabertooths 1 with an 8120 and 1 with a 8350 :)