Would a Athlon X4 750K bottlekneck a 7950?

Was watching the Kill Your Console Build series,and wanted to know.Would an Athlon X4 750K bottlekneck a 7950 GPU?

for one forum member it does. but might be a driver issue with his r9 280x

Yes but not by much

Remember though a R9 280x is the same as a 7970 not a 7950.

i haz issue with the 750 as it kinda performs like crap. (when compared to 3 year old intel processors)

Probably a little. Imo if you were to spend as high as you would for an HD 7950 you'd be better off going with an HD 7870 and with that money saved grab an FX-6300 which has L3 cache and twice the multi-threaded performance, its like $40 more than the 750K.

It will bottleneck the 7950, but it will still prove worthwhile.

First of all i highly recommend watching Linus's video on bottleneck.  He brings some great points.  Get around to watching that than tell me what you think.  


Also in my opinion I would go with an AMD FX 6300 and a 7870 GHZ.  That is a really good combo and I have it on my personal rig and it beasts.  Highly recommend.  If prices get better on the R9 270x get one.  

I watched a $600 build video from Austin Evans. He used the the 750K with a R9 270X and never bottlenecked

Edit: it was the R9270X not 280X