Would a 5600X be a good buy?

Hello there :wave:

I currently have a 8600K, but have been eyeballing the new Ryzens for a while

Specifically since I recently got myself a RX6800XT It’s become very interresting to switch motherboard and CPU out.

I mostly play games, but I also do some YouTube video work and draw very high resolution things, so that is a bit demanding.

The 8600K is already a 6-core, just like the 5600X, but the 5600X have 2x the threads and a much higher IPC + it supports that fancy memory trick with direct access the RAM on the GPU.

I’m not totally sure it would be a good buy, what do you think?

It’ll be a bit better at 1080p and 1440p, and you will definitely feel the improvement when multitasking. If you can get by with the 8600k, keep it because AM4 is probably at EOL. Zen 4 will be the one to get.

yeah i see your point, but thats like 1 year out in the future as far as i can tell. I mean, if i switched now, my 8600K would still have some value, not sure it would be worth much to sell in a years time.

I would gain more PCIe lanes, and I can actually use that, I would gain m.2 gen 4 speed, which would benefit my video work as I would add a speedy disc to edit from and I would get some general IPC improvements + the memory thing.

Im just really in doubt if my logic is correct, that it would be a smart switch now.
I tend to only upgrade my PC around every 3-4 years

Short answer for mainly gaming basically not really.
I mean certain games you might see a few % increase in performance.
But overall i would say it’s not worth the investment at all at this point in time.
Because the performance gains in certain games are very minimal / marginal at best.
And probably not even really that noticeable in the real world.

My advice stick with what you currently have.
And wait for the new stuff to come out. :slight_smile:

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well I am tempted, been bound to this 8600K for a while now, but at the same time, I also dont like to blow money if its not really doing much difference.

guess I could just tinker with my overclock and squeeze a little extra out and then buy a good gen 3 m2 disc for the video stuff, I do have a unused slot for it, and might be able to get a bigger disc for the same price as a gen 4 disc would have cost anyway

Yeah well i’m not fully sure if the draw work would really get a huge performance boost,
from switching to a 5600X Ryzen 6C 12T cpu.
I mean that highly depends on the said application you use really.
At that item you might wanna do a little bit more research.
However for mainly gaming i don’t really think it would be worth it.

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well i think you guys changed my mind, i will just optimize what i have and figure out what ssd to add to the mix, its in the end a much cheaper solution.

its mainly the video work i would like to improve on, and i think my biggest limit rn is i use a simple sata ssd to edit from, so when i scroll my timeline it takes a while to catch up and i get some weird hickups from time to time in davinci resolve

if i had a speedier disc to sort that it would probably work much smoother

so thats some tinkering i just have to do, it takes a bit more time than a simple upgrade, but could save me money in the end

eh wait… im just thinking about pcie lanes here…

My os is already on a m2, but in a PCIe adapter as it was easier to get to in my case
And my GPU is of course PCIe too

little unsure how it would affect the system if I added a extra m2?

My motherboard is a asus x code z370

(As far as I know the 8600k only have 16 native lanes, so ill imagine the gpu already use those and the mb does some trickery to add a few more lanes)

Would I sacrifice PCIe lanes by adding another m2?

nvm I think I just figured it out, PHC lanes and such.

on my board I should try only use 1x m2 drive or stuff could potentially be slowed down across the board. So I guess my plan would just be stick to the 8600K, discontinue my current OS drive and get a much bigger one, use it both for video edits and OS

still, a cheaper way than what I had in mind to begin with

Id probably wait for next AMD CPU in all honestly in case of new socket or just lower power pcie4 chipset so maybe passive cooling

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I just ordered a external m2 case for my old OS drive, and a new 2TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus to replace it with.

That will be the upgrade I do for now and then wait till more exciting CPUs arrive later on

With a little tweaking to the whole system I should be able to squeeze out some more performance and that will be good enough for now.

Thanks for the help guys, this idea was formed thanks to your help


Do you have any other PCIe cards? If not you should try running both m.2 drives as m.2s.

Worst case scenario you’re running one at x2, but iirc as long as you’re not running anything else you can get decent performance with dual m.2.

Since you’ve already got the hardware coming anyway… it’s kind of a no lose situation to give it a shot. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:

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