Worth upgrading a i7 860?

I was looking at upgrading my i7-860 and motherboard. My machine is pretty fast right now but I saw some posts about running a Xeon 1230v2 for gaming. I would keep most of my current components and just upgrade my board and cpu. Well I may also get a new case and try to make a mini itx build. Back to my main question, is my i7 really worth upgrading? I don't want to spend more than about $200 on the cpu. I may see some ppl saying to buy the i5 3570k but with my current setup I do not use the integrated intel graphics and i do not overclock. Thoughts? 

I would stick with the i7 I dont think the new i5 will help that much if you went to a like a 3570k you would only be gaining single core performance the multicore performance is about the same.  I just dont think its worth it unless you were going to buy another i7 then that would be a large performance step to go to something like a 4770k

No point upgrading that right now.

For just gaming, you won't see enough of a performance boost to justify spending the $200

I paid good money for that i7 back in 2009. I am glad it is holding up this long.

Maybe I will just purchase some better memory and do some overclocking. I have the EVGA P55 extreme or something like that...my cooler is the Corsair H60. Should be ok with that cooler i reckon?


please bother to look these things up before posting questions, it keeps the forum less cluttered.

I have already seen all of this data. I also compared a lot of benchmarks. I just wanted to get some opinions on that matter. Maybe there would be another CPU option that someone would post that I didn't think of. Sorry if I caused forum clutter.

those numbers are basically meaningless something like this is more helpful for cpu comparison 


well, by comparison, I think your numbers are meaningless without interpretation. Plus that site is unable to provide a comparison for the Xeon. All metrics have meaning, you just have to be able to interpret what they are testing for.

Thanks. Cool site. It is nice to see it broke down by application.