Worth making the switch?

Been running a 2600k @ 4.7ghz for over a year now and always keeping current with the latest gpu power. Going from crossfire to tri-fire 7970's and wondering if I should just put my 2600k on a newer z77 board and hold on to the quad core or go ahead and step up to 2011 socket. I'm thinking the bandwidth from a 3930k / x79 board would benefit in a multi-gpu setup such as this. Not going to lie I am itching to build a new setup, but if it's just a complete waste then I won't bother.

My 2600k is on an MSI p67-gd65 mobo, if I stick with this cpu I will probably go with the latest z77 fatal1ty board.

On paper it seems like a logical step to go x79 with 3+ gpu's. Just want to maybe get a discussion going on this. Thanks guys (new here!)


Why not wait till Haswell is out before updating anything? It's pretty soon anyways.

Is haswell really going to be worth waiting though? If it's about as much of an upgrade as Ivy was to Sandy then I am not impressed :(