Worth it?

Hey there everyone! looking to join the pc world! i have a list of specs for a computer a man is selling in my town. he builds/sells computers often so i was wondering if i was getting ripped off or making a smart purchase. Any help? thanks in advance!

He is asking $550, i am in canada


AMD 3.9Ghz Quad Core A8-6600K Processor
Gigabyte F2A85XM-D3H Motherboard
8 GB DDR3 Ram
Asus 24X DVDRW with Dual Layer
500 GB Western Digital Hard Drive
750 Modular Power Supply
Radeon HD 8570D Graphics
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Cyberlink Power2Go 8


That's a bit pricier than if you built it yourself, but then again, it's built already.  I would recommend using the money you're paying him for labor towards parts and a larger knowledge about computers.

about 100$ more and you have 2-3x the power this machine has.

Isnt 750w waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too powerfull for an APU build?

this isn't worth the money. I could build a better machine for less myself. I would recommend you do the same.


To be fair, this build has an initial expense of about $650, but the mail-in rebates to get you back to within thirty dollars of the initial budget. You could possibly make up this amount by switching to a larger SSD and dropping the HDD.

i wouldn't buy it, personally.. but if you have zero knowledge of anything, then you really don't have much of a choice. you have to pick from what's offered to you.

what i would do, though, is tell the people here what you are looking for from your computer.. like what you're wanting to do with the computer.. if you want to play games, if so, at what quality do you want to play (max settings or just average).. if you're just using the computer to watch videos and surf the internet, etc.. what do you want to use your computer for? and how often would you consider upgrading or getting a new one? how much money are you willing to spend on a new computer? are you willing to pay a little more up front & wait for mail in rebates or do you need the whole computer to fit to your budget before any mail in rebates? are you willing to buy parts from a few different stores or do you just want to order from one place?.. etc..

then these lovely folks can help you put together a computer that will fit your needs and you can have that guy who builds computers put it together for you & just pay for his labor, while you have a much better computer that has been customized to your specific needs.

when i was building my first computer, i had people on a forum help me pick out parts, then when i got hung up on putting it together i just had the local computer repair place help me. they put everything together for me for $40. i just brought the parts to them. the guy who put my computer together said it was a very nice build & his own computer was almost just like mine! lol so that made me feel nice about everything that i bought. :) what i did was take everything out of the package & put it neatly inside the computer, along with the instruction manuals (just in case they needed them for anything).. and i closed it up & hauled it down there. :) that way i had the boxes & stuff if anything needed to be sent back for any reason. they were very nice & did all my cable management & everything for me & all i paid for it was $40!

now it's been a long time since then & i don't have to pay anyone to put a computer together for me anymore. :) but it's nice to know that, that's an option if you want something better for the same or less money.. these people on this forum can help you out & put something really awesome together & it would be totally customized to YOUR specific needs. :)

if you wanted to try to put it together yourself, you could do that. there are tons of instructional videos on youtube for free.. you can watch how people put each part where it goes... on the motherboard of your computer, it's pretty easy. it has labels for where to connect your power button & USB ports & stuff.. and where to connect your fans.. as for adding a video card or memory.. all you have to do is look at the parts & how they are shaped & put them into the corresponding spots. it's like a very simple puzzle. there's no way you could plug a video card into a memory slot, for example. lol everything has a specific shape that can only connect to one thing that fits it.. :) so it's really not that complicated.. and if you did get hung up on putting it together, you could find a local computer repair place that would be able to take over for you for a very reasonable charge & at least you would have tried & gained some experience & confidence in dealing with computers!

in any case, i wish you the very best & good luck in whatever you decide to do! :D

Its all depending on where the pc will be used for.. for normal internet browsing office  email youtube facebook and stuff its fine.. for a gaming rig its crap.

Ok, as a person who works both sides of the track in this case what I see is not bad for the price for a prebuilt rig.

If you trust the guy, and use him for repairs, this machine should be upgradeable int he future.  Do not let the nay Sayers spook you into not even giving it a chance, most will try to get you to spend WAAAAAAYYYYYYY more money than you might have or need to spend. True this will have problems playing some games B.T.W.   or   W.O.T.        out of the box, but it will cream all the regular games. 


well you have a point, but if you are a hardcore gamer thats where i was pointing at then an apu is in my opinnion not realy a good choice.. because you need to add a dedicated gpu later on. for light gaming internet stuf etc etc, its fine.

Let me know the province and I'll factor in taxes. Also please when people say they're in Canada use http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/ because all parts are more expensive and some are waaaaaay more expensive

http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/1MCyM Mndless' build using canadain retailers


for $50 more before rebate you can have a much higher performance computer

Yeah even a 450W would be MORE than enough.