Worth it to mine?

I will be making my own pc soon with these components would it be worth it for me to do so?

Also what are the profits with this compared to Bitcoins or other currencies?



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well, you need one of those acis miner's to actually break even. link:https://products.butterflylabs.com/4-5gh-bitcoin-miner.html

You can always mine gold and make much more money.

SuperMilleno, You keep Linking these Acis miners but i dont think you understand that Acis miners wont work for Litecoins, but would for bitcoins and Lite Coins and bite coins are mined differently.

SuperMilleno, if you dont know what you're talking about, please refrain from talking about it. Not only do ASIC miners not work with litecoin. But a 5GH/s miner would make about $2 a day. And isnt worth it anymore.

a 280x can get around 750KH/s on litecoin mining. That will get you around $15 a day mining litecoins at todays value. Whether its worth it is up to you.

GPU mining for bitcoin is dead.

Thanks for a correct answer. If I can get a 280x before I give up waiting for restocks and get a gtx card I will decide if the 15 dollars is worth it. Thanks