Worth building a PC with new parts?



Build one just like it through newegg you're only saving $100. Only way I can see building one is if I wanted to throw in a GTX 770 v.s. 760 for around the same ball park price. IMO they're install would be alot cleaner then mind.

What's you're opinion?

youtube.com /watch?v=hTbJPx0XLKs


Building a Pc from 0 it's very fun and you discover lot of new things. Building a Pc it's just like combining pieces of legos and creat a huge monster. And the best part of building a Pc is that you control everyting that goes into your creation , you can customize everyting. Let's say you wanna go with a red theme. Bang red case red mobo red ram.. etc

So in a nutshell it's worth building a pc