Worth a HG10 or G10?

Okay so I am looking at purchasing this setup, this is for firstly my 6870, but when I replace that card, it will be for my 290x or 970, unsure yet, which will lead into another question later, anyways.

Which one is better? or does it not matter? I know TTL likes the HG10, but Wendell likes the G10, if I purchased this, would a H55 effectively bring down temps by about 30-40 degrees on a 290x for example.

Now this leads to my second question, I plan to do heavy gaming, and video editing, possibly using Premiere, now I want to render out in 2k - 1080p, so with hardware acceleration, which is better for Adobe, OpenCL (AMD) or CUDA (Nvidia)? also would it be worth purchasing this for a GTX 970 if I got one of them?



Many thanks!

Hg10 is the one that uses the reference fan on the waterblock mount.  Ya, its cooler but its just as loud as the reference cooler. ???  As far as i am concerned both the g10 and hg10 still have a need to heatsink vrms. A 970 from what little i have seen, may not need either.


From this guys result, it seems hardware acceleration is kind of pointless for both Vegas and Adobe. The CPU Alone is doing work much more efficiently than with a good graphics card


I thought the VRMs where cooled by the cooler?

From a price to performance perspective. No, it's like any overclocking, you'll spend like $100 but you wont get $100 more performance than if you just spent that on a more powerful GPU. If you enjoy overclocking and what not and want to obtain some high numbers, then yeah it may be. I've used the G10's on some HD 7970's. With 1.3v and 1275MHz on the cores, it was around 60c and the VRM's, while not directly cooled, were still cooler than with the stock heatsink.