Worry That My PC Might Bottleneck

Hi Forum!

I'm currently running a custom build of my own with a i5 2500k and a GTX 560. I want to upgrade to a 780Ti the only thing is, I was wondering if my i5 would bottleneck and if I should upgrade the processor. Here's my current config:

  • Core i5 2500k Over clocked w/ Hyper 212+
  • Evga GTX 560 Superclocked
  • 16GB Kingston HyperX Ram 1600Mhz
  • Gigabyte GA-Z77x-D3H
  • OCZ 700W PSU
  • OCZ SSD 128GB and Caviar Black 1TB

Thanks for your time!

That i5 should be ok with a 780ti it would only probably bottleneck with a dual core


Thanks i was thinking the same i just wanted to make sure!

Why go for the Ti over the standard 780? just get the EVGA classified and overclock that beast and save over $200 bucks. Extra $200 > Few more fps gain

I agree and the best way to check for bottlenecking is to log ur cpu load during gaming max out something even if you get crap fps if its over 75-85% consider upgrading. 4 cores should be fine ive only bottlenecked on i3 never since going quad. My i7 860 does ok with my 780 and the 3820 barely gos above 50% ever.