Worried about buying a monitor online

Hey there,

So I'm doing my first build starting in a few weeks, and I was wanting to buy a monitor online as a cheaper alternative then pucking up one from my local electronics store.

I'm just wondering if this is a safe way to go about this? Since I have never bought anything of that "breakable" online.

That should be all for me now, I'll throw a link o my part list later if anyone is interested but other then that, I'm out for the night since its late where I am

I have bought all of my tech online including two monitors, a gaming machine, & many peripherals. Everything has worked out great with no issues. I may be in the minority and will probably have a problem as I continue to order "breakable" things from the interwebs. On the other hand, product DOAs and (in the case of monitors) dead pixels are a rarity as I understand it and can largely be blamed on end-customer misuse/mistreatment.