Worlds First Bitcoin ATM set up in Vancouver

Bitcoiniacs, a physical bitcoin exchange in Vancouver, has launched the worlds first bitcoin ATM, neamed Robocoin. Installed in a coffee shop on October 29th, the ATM handled over $100,000 in transactions in the first week.

Users create an account at the machine using the built in palm scanner to log in and can trade canadian dollars for bitcoins, or trade bitcoins with QR codes and bitcoin addresses.

 Currently they're planning on expanding within Canada due to the large number of bitcoin users and accommodating currency laws. Toronto will likely be the next city to receive one of the ATMs (hopefully soon, I'm excited to get to use on of these).

They have plans to expand into the U.S. in 2014 but that involves navigating certain money laundering laws.

News of this development may be the reason bit coin recently climbed over $100.


This is really cool.

Nice, never got into mining myself but that looks great. Seems like bitcoins are gettingclose to becoming an international currency.


Soon to be: The BITCOIN Standard.



This is good news :)