World on fire logo on darkbroth. armr

Got bored and made this if anyone wants to play with it. I uploaded it before and posted on here but that account got banned from the skyrim nexus. Apparently making ku kux klan robes is frowned upon.



Thats awesome. Not to hijack the thread, but what other mods do you use?

** downloading mod when I get home from work.

I'm actually playing New Vegas modded out right now because I haven't played it in a couple years. 

When I played Skyrim I think I only did the 2k resolutions and Textures 

I'm looking for good GPU taxing textures which ones do you use?

I use a lot in conjunction lol, but not as many as some people use. These are my esential mods I posted before

thats a good list I'm trying to do some skyrim but the nexus site went down for a while when I was gathering mods and I just gave up lol

lol that sometimes happens.. but it is usually back up soon. Post back and let me know how it works for you.