World Of Warships

Does anyone else play World of Warships? If so, any tips, tricks and general pointers you would like to share?

I played it for a few weeks, not sure what tips I have, but it is fairly fun. Most of it is figuring out where to shoot and when to shoot along with how to use "cover". I had a lot of trouble figuring that out since it was fairly non-conventional.

Stopped playing as the game and the way Wargame sets up the system did not appeal to me.

Interesting... I actually find the system to be a lot better than a lot of other F2P models (like Nexon's),

Position of your ship is important. ships are slow and have slow moving turrets plan your turns so guns have minimal downtime. also be aware of who can fire on you and minimize the amount of fire you will receive.

Don't move in straight lines torpedoes are everywhere.

Careful with your torpedos you will tk someone easy. also look out for careless ally's.

angle you ship to reduce ap damage.

use he and ap when appropriate.(hold true for low levels not sure about high)
destroyer always use he.
cruisers use ap against other cruisers.(unless you find your shots aren't penetrating some ships have thicker armor)
battleships use ap against everything except destroyers.(unless you are overpening cruisers then he)
carriers always fire he at.