World of Warcraft Classic

Yup, it’s coming. Not much to see yet but they finally listened.


I’m curious in what they will do to be honest…

I can’t imagine that they would just re-release the old client without changes. At the very least they are most likely going to implement the features. Probably the whole party finder (and battleground queue) thing too.

I’m also curious in whether they are going to update the graphics. I mean a graphical overhaul of the “old world” outside the zones that had been altered by the cataclysm is long overdue. I would suspect that they would be updating them on both clients if it comes to it. Mobs don’t need much doing since new models exist already in the later expansions, change out the Model-IDs and be done with it.

Also really curious if it’s going to be 1:1 raids, talents etc. from vanilla because finding 40 people for a raid was a pain in the ass at the time already, and considering guilds are struggling for 25 players already… yeah… idk.

We’ll see.

In real vanilla battlegrounds didn’t exist. :wink:

I am hoping for the complete content up to BC, battlegrounds, BWL, ZG, AQ, NAX…
I thought they would be implementing it into the standard version, like a device you could use to relive the past.

Indeed. :slight_smile:

Eeehhhh yes they did. Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch in 1.5, Arathi Basin in 1.7.

I think you mean Arena which is a completely different system added with The Burning Crusade.

Also you’re mentioning Battleground in content “up to BC”? Eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

We were creating characters to do 40-man raids on Hogger BITD, never had an issue getting a full raid.


Fucking finally.


Squealed like a pig when I saw this news.
This is gonna be fun, can’t believe it’s been twelve years since I first played WoW.

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Im excited for this :smiley:

Think this the best decsion they have made in years

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I meant 1.0.

That is ridiculous! So gonna do that. xD

It has been a lifetime since I heard this first…


Was different in the case of Naxxramas because it was a pain to find 8 Tanks for just one Boss (4 Horsemen).

Obviously this was different from server to server anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought so but Vanilla is not just 1.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looking forward to ganking in stranglethorn vale and black rock mountain, good times.

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Classic? Does that mean you have to level your weapon skills too again? That was a pain in the ass. Riding at Lvl40 too, no flying.

I get the nostalgic feelings and all, but not all changes were bad. The constant adding and removing of stats certainly was annoying.
Needs more infos on how “classic” it will be.

They should make an event that you raid a funeral in winterspring.

Just read about that in a magazine yesterday. Pissed so many people off.

I have the first magazine article that was about that saved. Its 11 pages long.

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With wotlk Naxxramas they added that modern emulator/server system because peak times meant 15k pings because servers, and although private servers work just fine with 4k+4k and then going to 40man, there is something they almost have to do

Then I would not mind having modern engine because vanilla is using some antique cpu timing which limits fps to like 1080p60fps 1440p40fps etc, with TBC its possible to manually change that, and with WOTLK it worked automatically

AND, its 144Hz setting bugs and reverts to 60Hz

Then they still have to either compete or destroy vanilla private servers as its really great for PvE to have both EU & US populations peaking around 2100 UTC, which allows easily collecting those 40man molten cores which often got stuck to finding either MT or OT for that hour~

Would strongly suspect porting it to modern engine

Right then there is that problem with priest bubbles not scaling with spelldmg or healing, I would suspect that changed because its annoying problem, even though it’d majorly change that game then

Good old Serenity Now, they became famous on all servers over night when they did that.

Edit; had to go and find the video

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That’s all? WoW being WoW?
All of them chose to play on a PvP server, right?