Workstation SetUp for Adobe AE & 3D Animation

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I am a 3D Operator/Content Creator/After Effects Wiz... and I would like to build me a new workstation, which will last, lets say some three years. My mainly uses Tools are Maxon Cinema 4D/Vray and After Effects, may some Premiere and PSD.

Regarding AE and C4D, the more Threads/Cores I got the better. Both Tools use all the power they can get. As AE works best with around 4GB Ram per Core I will need plenty of it. So I stumbled over this SetUp here. It surely rocks and would be in my price range, about 4-5K €. Check out the Benchmarks here.

Well, I was thinking about a DUAL CPU System now. With two Six Core CPUs I´d have 24 Threads, and with 64 Gb of Ram, that would be a real demon. BUT I would also like to have around 3,4 Ghz (and 4.0 with Turbo) of Processorspeed for single thread tasks. So What CPU and what motherboard would work. I am not up to date with all that hardware possibilities, so your guys help would be really appreciated.


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Dual socket motherboards mean you're looking at the Xeons on the LGA2011 X79 platform.  I am not sure if there are dual socketed X99 board yet.  With X99 just releasing, you may want to wait as things such as DDR4  are coming.

duel sockets usually don't come into play until you render I would also stay away from the extreme series 2011 there over priced for what they are. I would take the extra 500 you save from getting the chip a step down and get a titan or quadro

some people don't mind playing double for the extra 10 - 20% in performance that might save you 10 - 20 min in long renders. In the end its up to you usually price vs performance doesn't justify it 

almost all the 6 core chips 3930k+ can over clock above 4ghz with no issues - so don't pick the chip because it has small bump in hurts

I would also wait for the new 2011 to come out

Thank you guys...

What are the benefits of those new 2011? And is it really reliable to overclock a workstation!?


Tek Syndicate did a build a while back for a dual Xeon workstation you might be interested in.

If you want something with many cores and also a high single threaded capability, probably the best option would be the new Haswell-E 5960X, eight core/16 thread with a turbo clock of 3.3ghz.

benefits - allot of little things, but the big one is ddr4 and it will be easier to upgrade in the future because its the newest

It is very reliable to overclock. With an asus board you basically just push a button and it dose everything for you and if you think its to high you can just step it back.  (overclocking xenon on the other had I have heard can be tricky) I also wouldn't go duel xenon unless you do allot of homework not only hardware wise, but for your software. It's not something you shouldn't think of doing just something might bring more problems then expected.