Workstation PC build for around 1200$

I want to build a Custom PC specifically for Image Rendering and Autodesk Inventor, but have no clue on what to choose for hardware. Fan noise and case looks does not bother me one bit so I'm willing to cheap out on those pieces of hardware. The Budget is around 1200$ but if anyone makes a good case I'm willing to go $1500.



Here I made this up for you and I just left some cash left over for you to pick out a case it is a little above your budget but it will be a power house editing/workstation pc! 

I guess that a Workstation PC for around 1200$ does not have the budget for Xeons or Professional type Graphics cards.


Thanks Parker88

At that budget no not really. You'll do fine with the i7 I think and I put two 1TB HDDs in there so you could run them in raid 1 or raid 0 which ever you perfer.

You could run an Xeon but I don't think you would notice an improvement xeons are really server based CPUs..

What if we lower the Graphics card to a GTX 560 TI and get a I7 3930k because that will help with ray tracing. What do you think?


In my first build I was making for you I had the 3930k but it came out to be about $2000 because socket 2011 mobos are more expensive and you also still want to get a good graphics card if you are using autodesk programs and stuff of that sort.


i would stick with the stuff you have there and switch to an fx 8350 if you want the extra processing power. the motherboard you need to change that to an am3+ mobo.


I think that the i7 are way faster than the fx 8350.

I like this instead of the 3770k because you can really push the 2700k when overclocking and for the memory get the best if you plan on video editing.  Also if you want to save some cash get a 670 instead of the 680.If you decide to go with the 3770k get some proper cooling because it will run hot.