Workstation(Multi/Many VMs)/Gaming Hybrid with "many" Hard Drives. What CPU and other Hardware to use for a build?


i literally wasted a lot of thousands of euros in the last years building “ok” PCs, where all of them hat different kind of issues and ran into bottlenecks. The load performance of my Systems was always a way under the Specs, I have enough!

My PCs are always (in my personal economical opinion) very expensive.
I search for the possible best way to get done what i need in the best price/performance levels.

The Usecase of my PC is working (90%) and gaming (10% :frowning:)

I run multiple OS and use Windows and Linux

→ Windows 10 LTSC for working and gaming.
HyperV and VMWare Workstation.

→ Ubuntu 22.04 work working only.
KVM and Qemu.

I am running about 8 to 10 VMs same time when working, they are 20% Windows and 80% Linux.

Also I have a Dual 10GB/s Nework (LACP) which connects to a 80TB SSD SCSI Storage

At least the following Hardware components/specs are required:

A CPU with minimum! 16Cores / 32 Threads

Minimum 128GB RAM

1 M.2 2TB (OS)
1 M.2 4TB (Data)

8 SSDs - 8TB each ([email protected] + [email protected]) for Work(station) related storage/workspace.

A “high level” Consumer GPU like the next 4090, with 4 Screens attached.

Dual 10GB/s Nework (LACP SCSI Storage)

Currenctly I am running the i9 10980XE and its a completely nightmare…
I did not save money on “review”-based top RAM, Mainboard or anything, it is just not running well.

I am thinking about to eat the Apple and go try it with the
AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5975WX, but its so expensive.
A more or less complete build on Intel might cost me about more or less 4000 to 6000 Euros (Without the SSDs).
A more or less complte build on AMD might cost me about more or less 8000 to 12000 Euros.

I also consider the upcoming 13700K, which have those weird performance and efficient cores, as i expect it to be a way cheaper as the AMD, no idea when the XE will come out or if there will be even one.

I do not have unlimited time to wait, I wish to got my new PC in about 1-3 Month max!

After all, I can (for sure) not run out of PCIe lanes so next Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 might not be an option for me, tell me if im wrong?

I im not sure if AMD EPYC (Milan) might also be an option, i saw people doing Desktop workstations with it.

Also I also want to know how to solve possible bottlenecks, i think attaching all my Storage in my Current system, just basically burned the Chipset.

I think I should use an Raid or HBA controller in my next build, to use the CPU Lanes instead.

Im really open for any help and suggestions for my next build.
Like what CPU to use and why, what RAM and why, what Motherboard (and Manufacturer) and why, how to attach internal storage, using onboard RAID or a controller RAID or HBA and so one…

What to watch out for, how to probably reduce the chance of bottlenecks, everthing could be helpful.

Im sick of paying so much money and the system just runs slow, slow load performance, unstable behaviors, low storage speed, low gaming speed.

I mean my Wifes PC have much lower specs even a slower GPU and she outplay me with FPS for a long time :slight_smile:

Best wishes


PS: I love the L1Techs YT channel, im a big fan!

Currenctly I am running the i9 10980XE and its a completely nightmare…

Yeah, I had the same experience. Spent way too much time tuning the damn thing… and even then, would have to troubleshoot it every time I rebooted it, or worse yet, when it rebooted on its own.

Other than stability issues, my main gripes with x299 was that my Asus Sage 10G board didn’t support bifurcation, and it only had two m.2 slots, one of which was via chipset. Lack of USB 2.0 headers caused all kinds of issues with my Corsair Commander Pro, AIO Pump and Fan controls. Then I discovered that the Thunderbolt card absolutely had to be in slot #2 but the Manual also stated that the primary video card needed to be installed in slot #1… After purchasing & installing multiple riser cables because some were too short, others not compatible with my case, I then had issues where my external Thunderbolt DAS would go to sleep and not get detected after reboots… ugh…

So after 18 months of constant hassle, I started to look at what Puget systems recommended for my needs (RE: Unity & Unreal game development, Blender).

I finally decided to take the plunge and get a Threadripper Pro 5975wx with a ASUS WRX80E board along with registered ECC memory. Aside from spending a couple days to hack partial Thunderbolt support and ponder about some weird HW Info readings, I’ve had no major issues so far using Windows 11 Pro. As far as I can tell, it basically performs better in every way than my 10980XE @ 4.8 and has been rock solid.


Hey Blackbox514,

bad for us but nice to hear that im not the only struggeling around with the i9.

fun fact, i usually buy a pc every 2-3 years, because “they” start needing “too much” part replacements and having more and more issues over time.

the third last pc ive had was an AMD, the first pc since 20 years that holded about 5 years…

i “belive” if you attach too much hardware to a consumer intel he just cant handle it over time for some reason…

as, lets call it “low level workstation” or gaming pcs they are solid, but for nothing more, this tells me my 20 years of history with newer gen pc technology.

millions of people might disagree, but i think intel is just not good as amd anymore.

lets see if those competetive pression on intel by amd will change something in the future.

but i tell you the truth, im a bid hurt with those prices for solid workstations those days.

anyway, it seems my dream of beeing in the 5k range for something solid will just be a dream.

seems i have to go for the threadripper pro 5975wx too, as its the best in price/performance against the 65/95.

cheers man

PS: from my experience the price will be the same in long term, its like two intels vs one amd if he hold 4years+ instead of two like the intel :slight_smile:

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I would recommend a Threadripper build for sure. While the 5950X and an X570 could alleviate some problems TR is just the no compromise option.

So, you have three choices, one is to simply slim down your workflow, getting the awesome 5975X OR getting an older generation 3960X.

Here is a quick PCPartPicker list as a starting point.

hi wertigon, thanks for your statement,

may i ask why you choosed the gigabyte motherboard in favor of others?



In my view you’re on the edge of r9 vs threadripper.

I do similar stuff on r9 5900x because I refuse to spend the dollars required on threadripper.

If you’re willing to spend threadripper or epyc is the way to go.

Edit 128g tips you into epyc/threadripper. X570 platform can do 128g but the memory speed will be garbage as you’re pushing the memory controller to its limit. Ryzen 7000 on paper could be ideal but it’s a brand new platform and there will be bugs. I’d steer clear for 6 months which is out of your time frame.

Also. Consider splitting the workload to multiple machines if it’s many VMs and not all of them require GPU. 2-4 am4 boxes can be had for the cost of a threadripper. Use one as a workstation and the others for vm workload.

Janky? Maybe. Maybe not as you could cluster them and gain high availability. :joy:

In this case, cheapest one from a trusted brand. While I do admit to some Gigabyte bias (due to good experiences in the past), TR motherboards in general tend to be high quality regardless. Like I wrote, it’s a starting point, feel free to edit and replace for other products. :slight_smile:


i got it, thank you. i will wait for the RTX 4090 and then doing my new build.

i decited already that i will go for the AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5975WX and probably the ASRock Creator WRX80, my mind on the board might change over the time, while waiting for the 4090 release :slight_smile:

But one thing is clear to me, im DONE with intel!

btw, i got very motivated by this video: Level1Techs Video :slight_smile:



With RTX 4090 you will be blocking at least 4 ports, just saying if expandability is a concern. And PCIe 4 (or higher) extension cables are still a bit problematic.


Yeah, this is a more sensible design than bolting a 4 slot monster inside the case.

thb, after those “cable burning danger” , ridiculous power consumtion, basically the need for new PSUs if doing right, the weight and all together, i think im just going for a 3080TI/3090TI…
they are beast anyway, i wont face any issues in the next few years.

there was a time when technology rised and stuff gots more efficient,smaller and even cheaper.

seems that the GPU market is not really following this way…

i refuse to block “half” of my mainboard with those 5 kilogram monsters :slight_smile:

I would bump your budget up to $8K US, but it might need $10K US by the time you are done…maybe but I could be wrong. I couldn’t justify the Threadripper but maybe next time, I could have done it but decided I couldn’t justify it.

maybe another angle to this. (Coming from an old Schooler). Have you considered doing a Client/Server Setup? Having a fat client to do all of your tasks, setup a server box for all the vm, storage and whatever else?

Not intentional to derail a thread here. Not my intention. But another way to look at a solution.


I wish i could, I could save so much troubles and money, but all have to be in a single RIG for reason…

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im at about 14-15K EURO now, and its “fine”, worth mention that I (tried) to choose “just” solid components, my build also includes 2x RX 6950 XT.

Its a while when I was using KVM, it made so much progress over the years and we also have this nice toy “Looking Glass” “now”.

So I´ve decited last minute that I will leave Windows as a host OS completely, and go for PCI passthrough. I believe that I will be able to work and play on Windows Guests more then fine.

I might create a new Post soon, to see what people say about the config/parts.

Link to Post