Workstation GPU

Hi i am looking for a gpu for my dad he uses his computer for light video editing photo editing and all the other general tasks. He will be doing no gaming whatsoever so I thought something like a gtx 275 would be good but I think it is just too outdated what gpu would you recommend and are there any modern versions of something like the 275?

Thank you

(my budget is up to 1000 dollars but obviously cheaper is better!)

If you just need it to run monitors the integrated graphics on any modern intel chip are going to be more than enough, unless you were to get that 200 dollar Xeon chip for the rig.

Is your budget $1000 for the computer, or $1000 for the GPU alone?

sorry it is 1000 dollars for the whole pc

For a workstation GPU, the mainstream options are a Quadro or FirePro.

Here are two options that should be more than sufficient for photoshop, video work, and general tasks.

In fact, you are probably fine with a 1GB DDR3 card that costs around $100, but at the $500 price point you are basically future-proofing your dad's machine for a reasonable length of time.

He won't need much horsepower just enough to easily run adobe suite and a few other editing software's as well as the daily tasks.

Did you already have an idea for the build? because you could go X99 for that budget, don't think I missed anything

That's a pretty sweet build man, good thinking. I might add that you could change out the R7 250 for a 750 TI for a few dollars more, if you want a bit of extra horsepower, but either one would work fine for basic video editing tasks.