Workstation/Gaming Build

Here is a workstation that will be used for heavy 3D Rendering and Gaming. I chose the i7 and not a Xeon because it gets better gaming performance. Please let me know what you think.

(I like Corsair c:)

Get a 4930k. It is half the price and like 3% slower.The 4960X is a joke and I' sorry but you'd have to be an idiot to buy it. 

Take a look at the Asus Workstation boards. The P9X79WS and Deluxe are schweet. They are much more professional grade and have more features you'd find useful

You prob don't need that much SSD space. I'd rather run a few smaller SSDs in RAID 0 to give you more speed. 

Titan Blacks? Meh. If you need a shit ton of VRAM you should go with a workstation GPU something like a FirePro or Quadro.If not than R9 290Xs are very nice and there is always the 780 Ti which will do better in gaming than the Titan Black. All of those options, except perhaps the high end work station GPUs, will be cheaper. 

The 900D is so expensive. I'd rather have the Fractal Design Define XL. I love it and it is so quiet.

That is what I'd do. It will be a beast in gaming and as a workstation. Like I said though you may want to change out the GPUs for workstation cards. 

Thanks very much for your input, appreciate it very much.