Workplace Pc Build

Hello I am building a computer for my father for working at home with no need for gaming at all, but while I have built a computer before and know how to do that I need help in choosing good components that can handle my father's requests which are not too bad but is not a gross over purchase.

Budget: Technically 1248.99 but he was giving that as the HP All-In-One he was looking at customized for him, preferably I would like to be below that.

Location: Southern California within an hours drive of Newegg's warehouse.

Motherboard: Preferably ITX to save space but if this drives price up then ATX is fine.

Peripherals: We own plenty of extra keyboards but if there was a inexpensive mechanical keyboard (blue switches) and palm mouse that would be nice.

Purpose: Primarily for working, two programs he runs often that are slow are Adobe (for PDF) and Outlook.

OS: For sake of familiarity he will be using Win 8 Pro.

Monitor: Preferably 23', 1920x1080, no other requirements beyond being not sucky.

List: Very empty as of now I will fill it in time.


and because windows 8 vanilla sucks without touchscreen

Basically a microatx with a great touchscreen monitor

:D i finally got to recommend one these

its an all in one that should be good for a work computer.

and here's one that has a touch screen

Case and psu:

Rest of the build:


 I left plenty of money in case you wanted a larger ssd (doubt he would need it), a touch screen monitor (I wouldn't want one simply because of the fingerprints and that I would have to move from screen to mouse), a different/more expensive case and/or psu (maybe like a prodigy and a seasonic). Do note that that mobo has onboard wifi, as well as a good NIC and is mini-ITX (in case you want to grab a different case).

nearly $1,200 for outlook and PDFs, really that's a bit excessive

does he already use a touchscreen?  Does he want one?

Yes he already owns a touchscreen, and yes he does want one, I have tried to convince him otherwise but his mind is made up.