Working with partitions

hello raze the world,

I am really pissed off at my friend, when he helped me install my operating system, which I relaize I could have done myself. He put a partition on my HDD to back up the OS. Right now my computer looks like this

150gb HDD space in total

140gb's are dedicated to games programs music pictures

and 10 gb's (really stupid) are allocated to the C: drive where windows is.

Now I have programs which need system resources like hardware drivers and photoshop and stuff and I am running out of C: drive space about 100 megabytes left.

I want to keep all my programs and drivers and everything, all I want to do is COMBINE the two partitions, is this at all possible? Is there any free software I can do this with? Also I have an old 260 GB IDE hard drive, can I put my data on there in one partition, reformat my 150gb raptor, and then dump everything back onto it in one partition?

thank you for your help

You can use [url=]Partition Magic[/url] or [url=]Partition Manager[/url] to merge your two partitions together.

lol 10gig for c haha ur freind is a noob

Yeah dude, the best thing you can do its to backup in your IDE drive, destroy the partitions in the raptor create it again (with logical space of course 50-50 or 40-60, or simply let the raptor as OS programs games, and the stuff you need the advantage of sata, and let the ide for storage, that will i do).

You can combine the partitions with something like partition magic, but its a long process and if something go wrong you can loss everithing.

PS: mEN 10 GIGS IN C: JAJAJAJAJ XD, ejem sorry.

ok so this software partition magic. Can I combine partitions with the trial version? And after combining them am I going to have file errors in my music players and stuff, as in not being able to find files?

you didn't get it from me (not sure if this goes against forums rules, if so plz remove)

i'm sure if it will corrupt/delete your stuff, it will give you a warning, if not then it should be fine

well actually no, what your friend did was actually pretty good, really its better to have a small partition for the OS itself, then have a 2nd partition for all your applications and music/docs etc. When it comes to installing an app, just do custom/advanced install and change the directory to your 2nd partition, I might try it myself when I reformat it.

Your friend is smart.. in a wierd way. Aslong as its on 1 harddrive it dosnt matter, he could have put everything in C. But if it were a 50GB 10 000 RPM harddrive and a 500GB 7200, then he did the right thing( wich he didnt in this case )

Yeah if I have heard of using a boot drive, but yeah I only had 1 disk