*working topic* my cpu beats KingPins!


plz remove my othor topic. something happend?

thats impossible :P i think your CPU is bottlenecking the GPU so thats why your CPU score is higher than your GPU score. since your cpu might not be able to handle all the actions from the GPU there for giving you a lower GPU and it might affect your gameplay. lol Anyways bro nice build

dude, thats not true whitefox, thats actually impossible, but the truth is that 3dmark is VERY cpu dependant. Though in the test it beats kingpins, in the real world it wont. but congrats man. and i hope u wait a week to OC so u could break in the thermal paste


there are some parts of 3dmark that are CPU dependant and then there are some that are GPU. lol it's not impossible

yes it is, a bottle neck will not boost his cpu score at all, it would lower it, and theres no way a Q9450 can even bottleneck tri sli'd gtx280

Oh kingpin is running tri sli? O_O i did not know that my bad XD

dude tri sli GTX280... thats insane... how do people even get enough money to do this? O_O

No its not bottlenecking i found out what it was.

it was othor issuie.



PhysX drivers

haha lol

XD nice :P it seemed kinda weird to me O_o