Working on a X99 hackintosh -- Need help!

... Then i promptly tried to redo it with the clover method, wiped my tonymac drive, then now i can't use those tags again after i reformatted and set up the kexts, maybe i forgot to patch something or change a toggle.

Mmmmmmmm did you switch to a newer version of yosemite by any chance?

I hadn't upgraded the distro version; although, 10.10.3 was the only thing available at the time and was what i used to make up the chimera.

Huh. I always wanted to try a Havkintosh out, but at the same time I'd lose out on updates to newer versions of OS X. I wish Apple would sell licenses or something to PC enthusiasts. I love Linux and all, but OS X does have it's perks in terms of productivity.

Definately. But apple will never do so, because they want OSX to remain a closed environment with tight control over hardware. Thats also why its so hard to get a X99 hackintosh to run; because the hardware isn't even used in any apple machines yet.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm not so much anymore.

The only real reason people like apple from a productivity stand point is final cut and more specifically prores.

But seeing as how shooting in RAW is starting to become more and more popular, I think more people will ditch prores.

Interesting. Then besides the it just works point of view why run it over a Linux distro with Pitivi, Jack, Audacity, GIMP, Inkscape, and Blender? I can understand why a Windows user would want to, but why not dual boot Linux and Windows (I do this with Windows 10 TP just for games).

Edit: nearly forgot about Darktable

I already run a ubuntu 15.04 + Windows 8.1 dual boot system; but, its more just for the fun of getting to work for me at least. If it weren't for the fact that not everything can run on Wine, and the pain it is getting a GTX 780's drivers to work without breaking X11, then I'd be more than happy to run just linux on my machines (that and if Darling (the Wine for OSX applications) would really make progress to run stuff like final cut or OSX only applications.)