Working on a X99 hackintosh -- Need help!

I've been working on getting a hackintosh installation going, but I've currently run into a snag with getting Yosemite 10.10.3 installed.

What has been done

  • Obtained a vanilla copy of OSX 10.10.3 via the AppStore with OSX Mavericks
  • Created the installation media with Unibeast.
  • Patched the kernel on the installation media to support the X99 platform (from the tonymac forum)
  • Added VoodooTSCSync.kext to unibeast in "/extra/extensions"
  • Used Bootflags -v npci=0x2000 (Gets past verbose text; locks up on white screen w/ beachball)
  • Using nv_disable= 1 or 0 breaks loading. GraphicsEnabler=Yes / No doesn't seem to have any effect either.

System Information

Motherboard: MSI X99S SLI Plus
CPU: Intel i7 5820k (not overclocked)
RAM: 16GB DDR4 2133 Corsair Vengeance LPX
GPU: EVGA GTX 780 3GB (ACX) (STOCK) 03G-P4-2782-KR
Target Install Drive: OCZ Vertex 450 - 256GB SSD

Other Drives:
Crucial MX100 - 256GB SSD (Windows 8.1 X64)
WD 1TB Caviar Green - 5400RPM
Seagate Momentus 250GB - 5400RPM (Ubuntu 14.10)

Each OS has their own bootloader, and is installed with all other drives not connected during installation.

If anyone knows what needs to be done to get the system to get to the point of installation, feel free to reply.

To be honest, you'll probably get more feedback if you ask this on insanelymac.

Yep, we don't have a large hackintosh community here.

Eh, was worth a shot.

I'm quite interested in this - though not sure how much help I can be. From my experience Yosemite requires an internet connection and a valid apple ID for installation (classic apple). So I'm wondering if it phones home with your hardware specs for extra validation? Do you reckon there's any value in testing this virtually? Also, please forgive me as this is probably a stupid question, what's stopping you creating a bootable usb device with the image you obtained?

This guy seems to have a tutorial on it:

Getting the installer set up is fine, It's getting the PC to boot fully into the 10.10 installer that has been the issue.

It uses a different motherboard that what I use, getting the boot flags right is finicky between motherboards.

made a post to insanelymac; going to get flamed for use of Unibeast, but no matter.

Good luck! I hope Yosemite works out okay for you. For me it's too slow to use. There's a few hundred millisecond delay after every mouse click. I feel like I'm remoting into it over dial up.

I wish you luck too, I found using a Hackintosh very frustrating. You finally get it working right and then Apple release an update...

I now have a mac mini for dabbling in OSX.

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I did that for mine and no, they will never contact you for hardware validation. Only if you are intending to reset your password the hard way, cause I have to provide evidence that I own an Apple device, which I do.

Should've contained it within the Tonymac forum, but up to you. Anyway, boot in verbose mode, then post a screenshot (like with your camera if there are no other means, indeed) here at the point the bootup held up and I'll check.

If you want you could run a linux distro and use a Yosemite VM with VGA pass through to do things such as FCPX, Motion and such. It would save you some time since the 5820k supports VT/D and Linux would fly on your system

Just saw this post.

I have OSX 10.10.3 working on two separate x99 builds. However they both use the same parts.

Asus x99-a

i7 5930K and the second one has an i75820K but what ever. They are basically the same.

8GB of ram. Both systems only have a single stick of ram. This is only because I am cheap and so is my friend. lol.

First thing I did is updated my bios. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Older bioses may not support certain features you need in order to install yosemite.

Then follow the tony mac guide for configuring said bios.

Now try and load your unibeast drive, but this time type npci=0x2000 and -x to enter in safe mode.

My problem with both my system and my friends system was that the stupid bluetooth kext file was messed up or something and would not let the system boot. -x will let you enter safemode which will prevent that kext from loading.

Note: Safemode is slow and funky. From time to time it will look like it froze, but it hasn''s just thinking about life.

You should now be able to get into the installer. Follow what ever guide you want to install the OS.

You are going to reboot. You still need npci=0x2000 and -x.

Now you are going to setup your account and you can go ahead and install multibeast and all of that jazz. DO NOT FORGET TO INSTALL VOODOOTSYNC!!!!!!!!!! None of the presets for multibeast has that included.

Now you are going to reboot again. This time however we are going to use npci=0x2000 and -v for verbose.

This will most likely cause a kernel panic, but the kernel panic will come after some stupid kext. For instance it will saying "loading bluetoothmodule" and then there will be a kernel panic. This will tell us what kexts we need to delete.

Restart the computer and enter npci=0x2000 and -x again.

Now go to launch pad and go to the utilities. You are looking for disk utility. Once you find it, open it up and right click on your yosemite drive and click open.

You should now have a finder window. I can not remember off the top of my head where you need to go, but I know it is along the lines of System/library/extra/extensions. I am pretty sure that is it.

You should see a giant window filled with white legos. (do not ask me why mac decided to use a lego icon for their kexts). Now move what ever kext was causing your kernel panic in the verbose mode step to the trash. DO NOT DELETE IT YET.

So here is how my experience went. I found out that the bluetooth kext was causing the issue. So I went to this folder and I carefully went through and moved all the folders with the word bluetooth to the trash.

You very well could be having issues with ati kexts, something stupid like that, and all you would do is find all the kexts with the term ATI or AMD to the trash.

After I did that I was able to boot normally with just npci=0x2000 with no issues.

that's the weird thing, it locks up immediately after verbose mode switches to graphical

Not in a purest form though...

Unless there is something that lasts longer than -V , then I don't know what to tell you

There is......

Try -x

npci=0x2000 -x

Welp, if i could find my damn unibeast flash drive i would try it.

As for getting the clover method working, I'm still bashing my head in on patching the kernel for X99 unless i don't have to.

Moving over to insanelymac for aid at this point:

Sorry, my brain derped when you posted that guide.

And still gets the same result using npci=0x2000 and -x alone

Edit: I'll see if updating my BIOS helps.

Edit2: Updating The BiOS did the trick, now able to see the installer

awesome, great to hear.