Working on a game

I currently have a pretty bare-bones FPS with a kinematic controller, all animations are complete, I did some basic networking but its not the best, other than that weapons, models, scripted events, and so forth are completed. I am currently the only one working on the project, all steam license fees are paid, I have money set aside for advertising, and I am looking for any help I can get. So if anyone is interested or wants to help I would be incredibly thankful, and would split any potential revenue the game generates. I am hopefully looking to release it by the end of this year as a alpha.


Most probable I can’t help as I can’t program…
Any other way to help [as a non-teckie]?
I hope you get the help you need.

Good luck!

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Any help play testing, finding bugs, just giving feed back would be awesome! Also some more information for any developers, the entire UI is HTML and CSS, all images are vector based, the rest is developed in C#, but other programming languages are usable (its just what I currently coded it in). Also ty!


what game? which style? first person? fps shooter ala quake? =)

Anything open for UX?

Very very much like quake movement and playstyle, but with more free running/parkour type anim’s, and weapons with set recoil patterns without bloom or spread so no RNG

Yea there is stuff open for UX, and whats up, long time no see!

Sorry, have we met before?

Yea changed my name, its Shrapnel. Got the idea to make this thread from @BioBandit so thanks to him for that!

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Ohhh! Good to see you friend. :slight_smile:

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You too!

So yeah, if you like some help I’d be glad to assist.

Yea I would love it :slight_smile:

Can bug test and look over the code and UI.

Awesome!! Ty everyone <3

do you use any specific engine as your base? if so what?
Do you have any example of style of assets you need?

I could help you with the assets, and level design.

I’m not looking into any profit, only my nickname in credits if you choose to use asset i made etc.

would not mind doing some play testing and bug seeking. not much help when it comes to code. when you think you have something worth testing i will be glad to give it a go.

That would be epic, right now I am using Lumberyard, my assets are all modern military based so not futuristic, and they are shaded and textured to be physically accurate to real life variants for both the character models, weapons, and maps. I am currently using a PBR workflow with blender, substance designer, and substance painter. (I am exporting and transferring all content to Unity Pro however with a team license, just due to their new HDRP pipeline, their ECS system, and collaboration features.)

could you upload example (screenshot) required texture layers for model like weapon or something that would give me example.
(something like that)

also how many segments / polygons would you like models to have?
i typical play around 3dsmax, and 3d coat for textures ;

next do you want exact replicas of characters i.e.

or do you want specific style?
Do you have units that you want mapped? Like certain army, i.e. germans russians etc…

Should I use cod modern warfare /2 as example of how the game will be played? (where will the action take place?)

Do you plan on using multiple versions of same model for randomization of assets on screen?

Will you be able to handle bone character setup?

also worth noting, do not except steady flow of work / models; I’m hobbyist.

Yea definitely! I will send over some references tomorrow, I am pretty tired and getting ready for bed. And I would never expect you to do a steady flow of work, its a indie game basically.

Also everyone helping should I create a discord? to make it easier to link parts and communicate better