Working for Asus

What do Asus employers expect or look for in somebody in order to be hired manufacturing motherboards job or working in Asus team job?

No idea. I would assume automation because they were the first to go 100% automated. This likely means a very strong understanding of Linux. Email them and ask. Send a resume and cover letter along as well. Ya never know tell ya know.

I thought that this was going to be a blog post about some one who was currently working with Asus. Or at least an Asus employee trying to recruit people from the forum to work for Asus.

But best of luck OP.

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Is there a college in jersey that has similar courses to this school?

What college in New Jersey has hands on learning courses for lcd screen or tablet screen repair and cyber security?

How can I get the opportunity to work for Asus technical support or HTC technical support?

This is what you will want.

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What do you think about this guy?

Looks like the guy is trying to sell his product over COMPTIA. Even admits it is a good way to get an entry level position.

They aren’t bad if you have zero work experience. But once you build up said experience letting the certs lapse won’t really hurt you. Minimum of 5 years experience is what most employers want for hiring people from the outside for over entry level.

If you are going for a bachelor’s in CS or an engineering degree then I would focus on that over the certs.

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Do you disagree with the guy in the video? Ok so I should aqquire comptia certifications so that I can work for asus or HTC technical support :slight_smile:

Well, I wouldn’t bank your future on only two prospective employers. A lot of help desk technical support has been farmed out to India. Best you can do is hoover up as many skills, schools, and pieces of paper that say you know things, as you can.

Remember, experience is King in job hunting. You don’t want to have your fist job at 24+. Intern and pick up part time (possibly full time) and freelance work as you can.

I think people should learn CompTIA because its good knowledge to have. Will it land you a job? No, no it won’t.

T1 helpdesk is not a ‘prospective’ job to have. Its basically the starting the point and after 5 years or so then you can grow into a new much better job. It’s what I have now, but in my area it was hella hard to even get due to all the competition and no tech jobs in my area.

These jobs will often be less than <$50k (full time).

^ this. Companies are starting to realize that this is a bad idea but for the time being don’t be so optimistic.

So in this society to work in computer electronics repair or IT or computer software hardware engineer I need to aqquire a college degree? Hands on learning, I do have Autism. Autism is holding me back in Life stepping out of my comfort zone to interact in the people in society :frowning:

This is considered blue-color work these days.

This requires a bachelors degree, at the minimum.

Totally understand you POV. But if you become a specialist you won’t really have to work with people. All teir 1 help-desk jobs involve interacting with people btw so get used to it or pick a different path. The tech field is just as much social as it is not social.


No one is going to hire you for IT repair. Those jobs are getting phased out. Hell very few people are getting hired to be pure system administrators.

Your best bet to work in the IT industry is to learn how to program and go for computer science.

If you want to do motherboard and circuit design, you need to be looking at computer AND electrical engineering.

Be prepared to do a CRAP ton of math.


How does one learn to replace lcd screens such as ipad screens? For instance my ipad pro 9.7 inch screen is shattered. I am a little fearful of learning math lol. I know in order to learn advanced computer skills that involves a lot of math.

If you don’t enjoy mathematics, or at least have a natural talent for it, then I think you’re going to find it difficult to land any STEM job. In any case, I don’t think you would enjoy the work.

What makes you want to work in IT? What do you like to do in your spare time?

I have 2 people in my family who have ASD. They both have bureaucratic jobs (processing paperwork) because they enjoy working within very specific guidelines, and their social interactions are minimal. They both lead productive, autonomous lives. I’m not saying that’s definitely for you, but something to consider?

To find a career path, you first need to evaluate your talents and interests and find where they overlap.

What do you consider your talents and interests? Something is drawing you to IT, but it’s not clear what it is. Based on your avatar, you’re a gamer right? Is that the primary source of your interest?


Any school similar and affordable like Vincennes? school path in life never had a job college dropout at 22 almost 23 oh well it’s the system of life :frowning:

How have you never had a job? I’ve been working since 14 and before that I mowed lawns and shoveled snow. Work a bit and you’ll easily appreciate going to school.

You need a job at a restaurant (not necessarily fast food). Then a laborious job to round you out. These occupations should be requirements for all human beings.

Also school is a massive sham for debt. I’m not saying its worthless but relationships are the most valuable thing you could gain.

Education is a good thing, its an investment in yourself. But don’t finance it.

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I hate to say this buy my Autism has held me back from living my life for so long :frowning: My autism and my low self confidence does not help me get a job in the system :frowning: