Work PC for my momma

Hey all, my mom has finally realized that her old dell optiplex gx280 has just about come to the end of its life time (I could not even open task manager on it). She wants me to build her a pc for her work in which she can use for spread sheets, order product, emails, and to back up things she does with her laptop. I am trying to keep these parts around $300 and it will need to include a copy of windows. here is what I have picked out so far. 

I already have a amd phenom 970 black edition laying around and I can use my old 9800 gtx+ or 8600 gts for display output.

Let me know if you have any better suggestions that could help me save $$$ or if this build is the best I could do for this price point. 

You should paste the "perma-link" for the build. That link just takes me to my own parts list.

Sorry! should be fixed now

Should be fine for your mother, i would only suggest to pickup a 2x4 GB ram kit instead of a single 8GB stick.

i thnk this build will be a litttle bit better than yours.

Looks good as well and I like that case better. I am just a little worried with a power supply below 450w. because of the 9800gtx+ it is pretty power hungry. There wont be much gaming or any gaming really on this machine, so im wondering if it actually matters that much.

Just keep jacking up the price XD

You could under clock it alot so it never gets too power hungry

No worries! I will be going to Microcenter to look at things in store, so obviously if i can find a bigger harddrive for cheap I will be for sure be buying that!

If you going to microcenter you can surely fit all that in for under $300

super. thanks for the help!

First, I know I'm late to the party, but here's my two cents anyway.

Our patron here already picked some good parts, but I see a problem: on Newegg's page, anything 1333 mhz on RAM and above requires an overclock.And since there are already concerns about power shortages, I did two things - I found some 1066 mhz RAM (I hope your mother doesn't mind the downgrade to 4GB - most passe consumers don't) and I upgraded the power supply to Bronze-tier, while having a more consistent price. And if you want a brand of HDDs that last, go with WD. I still occasionally use my dad's prebuit rig, and it still runs well at 5400 rpm after all the crap I went through trying to upgrade it after 7 years. I'd also recommend shoving the disk drive since Windows 8 can officially boot from flash, but knowing older generations, use at your own discretion.

Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!