Wordpress vs Drupal ( er maybe Joomla?)

I've used wordpress on and off since around 2006 and I am really comfortable / familiar with using it but, I have always wondered about Drupal. I have used Joomla in the past but, never got myself to the point of being fluent with it. It always seems like such a monsterosity to me.

Do any of you have any input on any of these CMS(s)? 

Are there any other CMS(s) that you use?

Share your experiences, opinions and what you use them for.

I see Tek uses Drupal, any particular reason why it was chosen?

I've used Drupal and found it ok. Same with Wordpress. As a developer the main thing I looked for in a CMS was the user interface, more specifically, how easy it was for a person with no programming skills to get things done without any/little support from me. Although there are many things that need to be considered in choosing a cms I always knew if I needed something to be added I could just do it myself. I recommend Concrete5 as a CMS. I have NEVER had a complaint or support request for this cms. After installing it I show the client how to use in like 10-20 minutes and they always say to me for how easy it is. The code in the cms is really good and maintainable while also utilising a file structure that allows updating the cms without overwritting your plugins/modules. In saying that, 99% of the time Concrete5 had a plugin for what the client wanted. In a lot of open source software plugin quality can be questionable whereas for Concrete5 if you submit a plugin you are required to provide support for it and updates for every version of the cms release.

I would suggest at least trying it out. Hope this helps.

Thanks, I've ran into Concrete5 before in the past but never really dug into it. I'll see if I can get it going in WAMP on PC and fiddle with it a bit.

I'm not really looking for a new CMS to work with, just curosity and I like tinkering with shit.

(I'm still trying to get use to being able to swear on a forum as well, I felt naughty saying "shit", Tek is awesome!)

For the most part I am fine with either Wordpress or HTML \ CSS. I try no to over complicate what I am doing. When I was searching for a CMS, wordpress really clicked for me and I stuck with it over the years.

I'm really just digging for new toys and trying to see what everyone else is using.