Wordpress Anti-Spam Plugin

Does anyone know of any good, preferably free, WP plugins for managing and removing comment spam?

Look into wordfence

Wordfence does really do a good job! - It also checks the integrity of your WP install, alerts you per mail if plugins need attention and so on; It has brute force protection for login and many many more;
I use it, despite having comments disabled - which is the best spam killer =)

Yeah, it is the best spam killer. But I want to know if you think I'm wrong and why.

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Trying WordFence now, thanks.

Wrong in what way? - I am confused ^^

I write about politics, human rights, gaming, technology, and things that may not fall into one of those categories but make me angry. If you come to my site and read my article, and disagree, I want to know why. Hence comments enabled.

But right now I'm sitting at 4K+ comments, 90% of which are probably spam. Hence my original request. :)

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Ahhhh now with context I understand you =) yeah politics always causes disputes; And its horribly amazing how many bots probe my servers each day just trying to fuck up comments.. so many 404 errors caused by them stupidly trying to access the comment form that's not there.

Well, to each their own. I understand why you'd not want to enable comments -- so much of the internet is spam and trolling, it can absolutely get overwhelming. But I do believe in the essential value of honest and polite debate.

Its not suiting the purpose - if the purpose is to just give info out to visitors there is no need for comments - if interaction is wanted (not: feasible) I understand that comments are a nice tool.

Mind specifying the subject matter?

They are small sites.. e.g. a small company "calling card" just introducing the company; Or public announcements and PR for a voluntary fire brigade; so really no feedback other than e-mail needed.

OK, why WP with such simple sites?

As more than one person is managing the content; I honestly wanted it as simple for non tech savvy people to create topics and upload images;

The "calling card" - was a bad example; its static html actually; only the fire brigade website is wordpress for ease of use for the autors;

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WP is great for it's simplicity from an author-user's perspective, very true.

Indeed; I did not need a single hour coaching the authors; they just began creating content; I only have to keep up and keep the shit updated and locked down as much as possible.

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I would recommend you to use WordFence with 2 factor authentication to ensure that your website is secure. You can also use application monitoring tools like new relic to monitor your overall website and server performance.

There are several free WordPress anti spam plugins to use and here are top 5:

  1. Akismet Anti-Spam
  2. Anti-Spam Bee Plugin
  3. Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall, Cleaner by CleanTalk
  4. Spam Master
  5. Anti-spam

There’s also a https://spamguardapp.com/ application for Instagram that deletes the unwanted follow requests and messages left by ghost writers.