WOOTING one - Analog mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboard with 16 analog switches

Seems interesting and useful for gaming and other applications.

Anyone got ideas where to use similar keyboards besides gaming?

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Saw that on a episode of Awesome Hardware a little while ago, does look pretty interesting to be honest for gaming. Especially the likes of GTA V when your driving or going from walking slowly to sprinting etc...

Ive been going on about this for years, its about time, although would be better in a gaming keypad package instead of a keyboard (which is a thing for typing)


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I am not entirely sure why, but I agree it does not belong to a keyboard. If I barely press it, what will happen? Have quarter A or have full A just because I barely touched the keyboard? Will I need to press the button to the bottom to count it as a press for typing?
No. Mechanical keyboards are already overpriced overpraised products, and this will be even more expensive.
Standard mechanical switch have just one contact point. This will need atleast 4 to create the illusion of analog. What does that make the price? 3 times more? 100$ is already pretty steep for a mechanical keyboard.

I have an analog KB and trust me, it sounds cool but your hands are going to hurt. Machine Companies like Fidia make them. Why anyone would game with one is beyond me. Its basically Carpal Tunnel highway

Good to know

interesting.... I think mostly novelty though.