Woods of Ypres

A friend of mine shown me this band a while back. I thought I'd share it with you guys since I know there are people on this forum who would probably like them (Logan, twitch and Jerinal perhaps? :P ).

So ya, Woods of Ypres is a melodic black metal band from Ontario and I think they are pretty damn good. On their latest album they have some quite big Doom metal inflances too. Have a listen and tell me what you guys think.

From their first album.



From their latest. (you can clearly see how they evolved)




I like it, Heard them on XM's Liquid Metal a while back

Oh man, gave me goosebumps^^, great

didn't know those guys made it to XM... they are good..

today is not the day for me to listen to them... it is WAY too hot today.. lol... they make me think of snow and rain... there have been some good rainy/ cold days passed while listening to them...

I can post some similar bands if anyone wants... this is my style.

Go ahead Logan, I love this kind of music, I really love their style. Makes me think of the nature and stuff. The guy who shown me them knows them and he says these guys are amazing live...gotta see em!

I also have been searching for black metal bands that has both, black metal vocals and more of a pagan metal style vocals, if you know what I mean?

Anyway, it's been raining here for the last few days...I'm a sad panda, the snow is starting to melt! and everything is discusting. I want good freaking powder snow.

It Was XM's Up and coming Metal group day, These guys had a strange name that stood out to me Haven't heard them since, I imagine I could request them, Since I request a song like every week or so.

Kalmah is alot like them, The melodic bands style + Death vocals.



(Pretty decent Cowboy Bebop AMV)


Kalmah to me sounds a lot more like Insomnium and Noumena. Insomnium if you never heard them is freaking amazing. In the Grooves of Death is a masterpiece IMO, one of my fav melodeath song.