Won't power up

A few days ago I walk into my home office and smell that smell we all fear. The smell of pc doom! Burnt wire/plastic and a nonresponsive pc. I disconnect the power and check the mobo. I found a burnt spot with burnt material coming out of the motherboard.

I order a new mobo. I got the new mobo, installed it and nothing. The same as before. No response when I push the power button. I've double checked all the derp possibilities - made sure the psu was on, plugged into a live outlet, and all connections were solid and 100%. 

I had an old psu around and swapped them. Still the same. Nothing!  

Could my CPU be dead and could a dead CPU keep my pc from even powering up?  Could it be my gpu?  And when I say nothing, I mean nothing happens. No fans. No LEDs. Nothing, in any situation.  


I've tried disconnecting all my drives, gpu and RAM and then attempting to power up with both PSUs. Nothing. Suggestions?

What at says the syndicate?

If the PSU has blown, it is likely (if it wasn't a high quality one) that it would of taken other (if not most) components with it.

Do you have another system you can test the CPU in?

The psu that was in place at the time of the failure is a Corsair RM750 Gold that is three weeks old. I just swapped it out to test with my old clunker that was working three weeks ago. Nothing happened. 

Thanks for the quick response btw

I've also followed Corsair's protocol for testing a psu to be dead or not. It passed i.e. is good. 

At the moment I do not have another system to test my CPU. I'm asking a couple of friends via social media but nothing of comparability yet. 

Based on my experienced, when my rig years ago had a blown PSU, showing obvious burns on the mobo, I too, bought a new mobo, but wasn't POSTing, as it turns out, it took my RAM along for the ride.

Your's may not be exactly a RAM problem, because your's don't seem to POST at all.

My best advice for now is to have your RAM, PSU, CPU, tested individually, on a known working system (of course, being the same socket CPU mobo)...

If a motherboard goes, you might want to check everything else on it.