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Wondering if this gives you more slots or just a bad buy


A few weeks back I bought a PCIe port multiplier that takes 1 PCIe x1 and makes 3 PCIe x1 slots. Not sure if this is this is usable to add a couple card slots so I could add a tv tuner card and wifi card to my linux box.
Downside to mATX, my linux box is running a R5-2600 on a ASUS TUF B450M-Plus Gaming. Poor layout for the PCIe slots, as if you have a graphics card that double slot sized, that 1x slot is now covered. Prior to this rig my linux box had both the tv card and the wifi card (wifi also does bluetooth.) I was hoping the use both again to keep this as my media source when I’m gaming, TV mostly for local weather and such.
Anyone else play with one of these multipliers? I’m looking for advice since it came with no manual, haven’t found one either.


Don’t think a single PCIe slot can communicate with multiple devices.


Looks like it might work. I see a chip on it that’s most likely a PLX chip but there are no details about what PLX chip is used. I think you’d be better off hooking up the tuner to the PCI slot and use a USB 3.0 wifi antenna. PCIe 1x is already low bandwith (500MB/s) so splitting that up would give you lots of issues.


Hi, If you already brought it, shouldn’t you be able to tell us? :slight_smile:

Not sure if you were intending to use it in the bottom x16 slot, or if you were going to somehow have it under the GPU’s heat shroud?

Either way, would be nice to know if it works?

Also, how are you finding the short case? I had considered that one, but went for a long one with the caddies in front, but it is heavy as all get up…


I was going for the bottom 4x slot, since I can’t even fit a riser under the graphics card. If they only made those right angled at the top of the connection then problem solved.

I have actually tried it. Had 2 wifi+BT cards. The Atheros one wasn’t working at all, but the intel I could only get the bluetooth to work. As in both those cases the card passes the Bluetooth through to a USB connection I figured it was getting power but I may have been doing something wrong. I’m wondering if the Atheros card might have been linux support issue, i’ve had that issue in the past… But the intel one I know works, if fact it’s in the machine now working.
Main issue I have is lack of knowledge with it. I’ve tried a couple of ways with the power, few times on the molex, few times on the sata power. Not brave enough to try it with both. I will be trying again seeing if the slot order makes any difference. Was hoping someone has tried one, in case I’m doing something wrong. Looks like I’m the guinea pig.

As for the Norco case. It’s a wonderful case, great airflow. But the front collects dust and cat hair like you wouldn’t believe.


atheros chips were and issue with some versions of linux and i suspect still are, It depends on whether the developer has included a driver compatible with it.

On equipment with both molex and sata power connectors this configuration is designed to be used with either one Its not necessary to use both unless the manufacturer specifies it.