Wondering how long my soon to be gaming rig will last

Hello I am making a gaming rig and im curious on how long you all think it will be able to last before a serious upgrade will be required. Im also looking for some guidance in the CPU/Mobo area of my build. I am making this build during the black friday and cyber monday sales so how good those sales are directly represent what i will be able to get.


CPU: Kind of Stuck between 4. 3570k, 4670k, 3770k, 4770k. Im leaning more towards the haswell variants since they arent much more expensive than their ivy counterparts. I just dont know if it would be in my best intrest to get a i7 for the future. I dont want to get say the 4670k and then when it comes time to upgrade my GPU again i have to upgrade it aswell which would also require me to upgrade the mobo and get a new OS.


Im also kind of uncertain if overclocking is worth the investment of getting the K processor and then buying aftermarket cooling (if i am to overclock i will not be buying the aftermarket cooler off the bat and will be waiting till atleast new year)


Mobo: I was looking at the Asus P8Z77-V LK for ivy bridge and the Asus Z87-A for haswell, im not to sure though. I dont want to get something that is cheap and will break on me but at the same time i dont want to overpay for functions. 


GPU: Looking at the R9-280x right now, though i will go with a 7970 GHz edition if they dont add the never settle bundle to the 280x by black friday, since they are nearly identical.


RAM: I will be taking the RAM out of my current desktop so that is already covered. 8 GB (2x4) 1600 MHz Ram


Storage: Currently i have a 1TB WD Blue HDD that i will be taking out of my current desktop. I plan on getting a 250 GB SSD down the Road for my OS and a few games but i didnt want to go through the difficulty of trying to squeeze it into my budget. I also read a little into cloneing since off the bat i will have my Windows 8 64 bit OEM copy on my 150GB partition of my HDD, and i would have to move it over that way i presume.


Case: Antec 302, seems like a quality case and dosent cost a fortune.


PSU: Corsair CX600, i already have it


OS: Windows 8 64 bit, i have it on my current desktop and i have grown used to it.


CD Drive: Taking from my current desktop, dont really know what CD drive it is but all i will be using it for is to install the OS.

I should also note that for the things i need (CPU, Mobo, GPU, Case, and OS) my current budget by the time black friday rolls around is looking to be 850$ - 900$, it could potentially be slightly more.

really depends on the games you will be playing, if it's the most cutting edge game then you'll always have to upgrade whenever the next new hardware comes out.

Need or want? I find it hard that i would need to upgrade every 6-12 months

Stick with the i5's unless you're doing something like video editing/render or something of that sorts. The i7 will barely help you if not at all when it comes to gaming. I have the 4670k right now in my build, I have a 240M Siedon Water Cooler and my 4670 is OC'ed to 5ghz at 60C. (I have to thank my IC Diamond thermal paste for that, it's a fucking beast.) However, if you don't plan to overclock I suggest the 4770(non-k) CPU. 

Everything else in the build seems fine to me. Depending on how big the advances are in gaming for the next few years, this should last you a good 2-3 years.

You will probably get 5 to 6 years out of your cpu. Gpu's dont last as long since games depend on the gpu most, that being said you will get about 3 to 4 years out of a gpu if you want to be able to play most games on high to max settings.

Which CPU? and gaming capable for 5-6 years? Also is that taking into consideration some massive overclock or no?

You will get virtually the same gaming performance from all of the cpu's you listed since games depend more on the gpu, and no I'm not taking into account overclocking.

About getting the 4770 without overclock do you suggest that because of HT and whatever advantages that might give in the future?

The 4770 and 4770k both have HT. He suggested the 4770 over the 4770k if you dont plan on overclocking because the K version has an unlocked multiplier for overclocking, completely useless if you're not planning on overclocking, so you would just be wasting money.

I would also like to add that my 5+ year estimate on cpu life is not just based on research but also experience because I am currently using a nearly 5 year old 1st gen i7 cpu with a gtx 680 and I can play most games on high to max settings without my cpu breaking a sweat and thats with the cpu running at default clocks.

I know they both have hyperthreading i was just curious as to why he suggested that over the 4670k (or the 4670) which he owns.


Would paying the extra 70$ (From a non-k 4670 to a non-k 4770) be worth it for hyperthreading?

From the testing and benchmarking ive seen comparing hyper threading cpus and non hyper threading cpus hyper threading does not increase gaming performance. If you are building a computer for gaming only, paying more for hyper threading is not worth it.

Well from my knowledge all games in the past have been built for 2-4 cores and it hasent been until recently that games have started to use more than 4 cores so i dont know how much of an advantage HT would give in a game like that, such as battlefield 4

Get the I5 unless you plan on doing other cpu intensive things like Photoshop, video editing , etc.

Well if you want 8 threads on ivy and don't want to overclock you could get the Intel Xeon E3 1245 V2

which preforms equal to the 3770k but doesn't have integrated graphics so you're paying less just to have that removed 

and you could probably find an equivalent haswel

I dont know exactly if i want the 8 threads or not. I dont know if having the HT will help in games coming out that are "optimized for more than 4 cores". I have heard from a bunch of people that the way HT works it wouldent benefit from a game that is optimized for 8 cores

Where did you learn that? If you want to go xeon I suggest e3 1230v3 (haswell) over 1245v2 because you won't need the integrated graphics anyways. 

Is there any downside to the xeon in comparison to say the i5 4670 or i7 4770? Just seems kind of weird with it being a server CPU


don't get an i7 for gaming hyper threading does not give you gaming benifit, if it does it does not warrant the extra 100$ you could put into the GPU

so 900$ budget with a HDD and ram being recycled right

do you live in america?