Women Live Streams to FaceBook After Her Boyfriend is Shot by a Cop

Unfortunately we've all heard this story a million times and just moments ago history repeats itself.

Here we see the women recap the preceding events before she is forced out of her car and onto the ground. Allegedly the cop pulls the couple over for a busted tail light. The cop asks for the driver(The boyfriend) for his licence and registration, the boyfriend asks the cop for permission to reach for his wallet for his ID and as soon as he does he is wrongfully shot in the arm four times. As we hear in the video it takes a wile for the ambulance to show up, and from what it sounds like the boyfriend bleeds out; It was later detailed that the man had died in the hospital.

(There is more information that I have left out, in which I recommend you watch the video for, but this is the basic story)

I don't have any strong stances one way or the other about guns or police brutality(Because a lot of videos I've seen is of kids antagonizing cops to their breaking point,but there are a lot of others like this) and this really is unfortunate and as it would seem, there are a lot of real consequences to seemingly going about your everyday.

And just like that the video, and all posts on facebook linking to the video have been removed. I just checked mine and my friend's pages and all evidence of it even being there are all gone... Way to go facebook
Here is a link to the video posted on twiter

It is still up for me here in Germany.

Oh weird its back, so now it has a warning on it. So what most likely happened was it was flagged and taken down. My posts about it are back.

All this tragedies I'm hearing all over the world are beyond my comprehension. Why anyone would intentionally put end to a human life without any reason, WHY!? I maybe could undestand someone trying to defend his family from an aggression that shoots the aggressor not to kill him and he dies anyway. But why someone that voted his life to defend the abused people shoot someone that's just going around with his girlfriend? I'm hearing all around me so many tragedies of this nature that I'm starting to feel uncomfortable living on the earth and, at times, going outside. Sorry for the "rant" but I needed to get this off my chest.

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