Woman Found In La Hotel's Water Tank..apparantly going uninvestigated + Updates



it talks about a woman named Elisa Lam, who was found in a water tank at the top of a downtown la  hotel INSIDE the water tank....why is there so little info about this case..and so much coincidence?


LASTLY i want to make say that i am NOT a conspiracy theorist...however this is indeed....well, you be the judge



well now I found this video, which talks about how Lam had alegedly sent her friend a postcard mentioning the video game Left 4 dead and a person being inside water containers 



Another UPDATE

So this video for me is a bit overboard, but it talks about the coincidences in the case and in the video descriiptions it mentions many discrepancies between the police reports .



yeah, here in Los Angeles, drove by that hotel the other day, and also remember  reading about this in the papers. really strange and terrible.

guest at the hotel used that water to drink, shower, brushed their teeth all the while her body was decomposing inside the roof's water tank.

whoa, video giving me chills. it's like watching ghost..


fucking weird man, why did the elevator door open and and close like that later.

^yeah its creepy...I seriously don't know what to say about it

Really weird but im sure there is some logical explanation for it. Must have been really creepy finding out the water you had been using to shower has remnants of a decomposing body in it...


^^ Now this is quite interesting/....a mention of Left 4 dead