Wolfleben's Commentary for Inception

Since I won’t being doing videos for two to four months, I decided to do commentary for a film. Had a poll. Two films tied so I decided to do commentary for both. This is the first commentary for Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

The Extremely important instructions for listening to the commentary:
I start the recording of my commentary at 0:00:00 for Inception. IE the opening credits.
It is highly recommended that you start both at the same time.
This is meant to be listened to while watching the film.
I end the commentary a little bit after the credits.

Minor flaws and points:
I have a loud air condition unit but that won’t affect you hearing my voice.
I type on my keyboard at the beginning a little bit.
I crack my thumb a few times but it isn’t loud.

The audio link:

Inception Commentary

The commentary is still in the process of being uploaded to youtube, it will go live tomorrow and I will add it to this post.

What do you think about the film inception? What do you think about the commentary I give for Inception?

Edit: Video is live on Youtube:


I’ve been wanting to watch Inception again recently, I might watch with commentary (though its not normally my thing).

Also, worth a badge, enjoy :slight_smile: