Wolfleben - Review Qisan Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Keyboard Black Switch 68-Keys

Article review can be found here:

Where you can buy it:

Have any questions on the keyboard? Or comments? Or your thoughts on mini design of keyboards?


Hey hey. Welcome to the MagicForce world. Now get you some Tai-Hao keycaps and you have yourself the /r/mk starter pack.

Ridiciously solid little board, used mine to learn soldering and modding. Hope you enjoy your as much.

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Several questions:

Do you know someone that changed the caps on it? And are there any third party caps that have the secondary functions on it? I really would like to see some Spacecadet style keys on it.

Is the firmware available?

Do you travel with it? Do you find the usb connector position annoying?

With 2nd functions? I'm not sure. I did google for an answer on that but I couldn't find anything definative. The keyboard does come with a manual so you could just replace the keycaps and have the manual nearby for when you need to reference.

No. Plug and play.

I have. Nope.