Wolfenstein Issues on AMD Cards

I have been having problems with Wolfenstein: The New Order getting even 30 fps on my system. Granted, I enter that game with all my settings cranked, but back when I first played it with dual 660 superclocked cards, I was getting 45+ fps...
Here I am with an Asus R9 290 and I can't even get past 20, even now when I have a 390 crossfired with my 290. I have made sure to delete all things Nvidia that I know of on my system in case there were any issues being spawned from that, but I still have the same fps problem. I have yet to see my game get any higher than 33 fps in the lightest of sections. Is there anything I may be missing? or is this particular game "perma-gimped" as I would say?

Updated System specs:

i7 3770k
32GB 1600Mhz RAM
Gigabyte R9 390 (GPU1)
Asus R9 290 (GPU2)


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