Wolfenstein from Green Man Gaming

I pre purchased Wolfenstein The New Order off of Greenmangaming.com based off of the discount I found  from this site.   The  day has come where I should be able to download it but the product code green man gaming gave me is not valid. 

 Does anyone have any experience with green man gaming?


I've bought more than a few games from them and have never had a problem.  Have you contacted them about the issue?

I buy nearly all of my games from them, contact them. They will help you. 

I got 3 codes from them When I purchasedd the game.

1st for New order

2nd for Return to Castlewolfenstein

and the 3rd for Doom Beta.

The code for Doom Beta was the only one that was not valid. I imagine because the beta has not started yet. Maybe you tried to activate that one instead of the actual game code.