Woah, Wait, WHAT?

SO i was just on Arctic coolings website as i was linking someone to the Accelero extreme because they wanted a Quieter cooler, and then i noticed this http://www.arctic.ac/en/p/cooling/vga.html

Its listing compatability with 8000 series cards, Which could just mean that AMD is keeping the mounts the same, or it could mean something else, thoughts anyone ?

wow nice catch I guess its just going to be a die shrink on the 8000 seriesĀ 

Well it says it's pretty much compatible with any decent card imaginable, including Nvidia, so that doesn't necessarily means the mounting points are the same. It probably just means they've been talking to AMD and have the mounting equipment necessary to mount the cooler on the next generation cards.

After all of the presse relases where AMD said theyd be jumping to the 9000 series next year and all of that comotion it does seem a bit Odd.