WLAN signal low now :( help

I have a 802.11 Wireless B/G/N/ pci mini card that i got with my hp pavillion p6-2100. i switched cases and took everything out and put it in the new case but when i took the wlan card out it was attached to a piece of metal which was attached to the front of my p6-2100 case in the front under the front panel.. so i took it off and put it in my new case. but now my signal to my router is "poor" when it used to be in the exact same spot and get "excellent" signal.. i don't know what happened.. any help is appreciated.

theĀ  card must of used the case it was on as an antenna. if you can find out where the antenna part on the card is you might be able to attach an antenna to it.

Thank you, i will try that.