Witcher 3: Wild Hunt news!

Today a conference of sorts was held, giving us some info about Witcher 3 and GOG.com. GOG is going to be having a new client, sounds pretty neat, but let's get to the exciting stuff. 

First off, Witcher 3 has a release date finally! February 24, 2015 is the big day. Let's hope it stays that way. A new gameplay trailer has been released. The game's cover art has also been released.

Secondly, we have some collector's edition news. Now, usually when a collector's edition comes out, there's all sorts of DLC and other nonsense and it's kind of confusing. With Witcher 3, every edition comes with stuff. The regular edition will come with some stickers, a map of the world, a compendium with Witcher history leading up to the third title, the soundtrack, and of course the game.

Now that's just the standard version.The collector's version comes with all the above from the regular as well as an artbook, steel case, a wonderfully detailed statue, a steel medallion and a collector's box.

Finally there's a digital edition which includes the soundtrack, map, compendium, some bonus video content and the game. If purchased from GOG, there's some extra stuff that's included; a copy of Neverwinter Nights, a digital Witcher comic book, an extended soundtrack(four extra tracks), artbook, two keys for the closed beta of the Witcher adventure game, and of course all the standard GOG stuff(wallpapers, art, avatars, etc). 

And of course the PC version will be DRM-free.

The last bit of news is that if you own Witcher 1 and 2, you can get Witcher 3 on GOG for $47.99, which includes all the digital content and GOG content listed above.

Excited yet? Good.

New trailer: http://thewitcher.com/witcher3/

GOG pre-order: http://www.gog.com/thewitcher3/en