Witcher 3 Blood and Wine issues

So yeah... Witcher 3 ran perfectly on my rig, with overclocks, up until the 1.21 patch. Now I get random GPU driver crashes. Tried lowering my OC, worked once, now it doesn't help. Exited GeForce Experience, helped for a few extra minutes, then crashed again. Just tells me "the driver kernel stopped working and has recovered", and then "Windows has blocked GPU access to [W3 executable]." I'm stumped. Anybody else playing and experiencing this issue?

I've had gpu crashes every time when my 970s core clock is over 1250 (I've tried ramping the fans up, temperature is about 60, still crashes), when the oc is lower than that, everything works fine. As you stated, in previous patches (from about 1.0.6 to Heart of stone) oc didn't represent a problem.

The patch added a few new graphics options. You might want to fiddle with it a bit. Your card might not like something that was added.

Well, after I posted last night I did end up getting it to work smoothly. I rolled my driver back, removed my overclocks, and uninstalled geforce experience, and after that the game worked fine and I was getting a pretty decent framerate for just the normal clocks on my 780Ti Classies.

I avoid driver updates if my games run well. Geforce Experience has made life miserable for me too many times to trust them with a new update. My version runs great out of the gate. Have noticed a few bugs that are a little annoying but nothing major. I'm guessing CDPR will come out with a patch in the next couple of weeks.

Yeah, the driver was broken as hell. It would even crash if I moved a tab with a video playing in Chrome, at least until I disabled hardware acceleration, and when it crashed W3, it would crash two or three times before it recovered.

I am still using drivers from 2014. As long as there are no crashes (there are non), all games work fine (they do), and there are no issues with other non game things (there aren't), well then, i am not updating the drivers.

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Well, the weird part is that before, it was crashing on the old driver. I guess the problem could be chalked up to either my overclocks (which weren't unstable, really), or GeForce Experience.